Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jesus Behind Civil Marriage Push in Israel

Posted by Jewish Israel

While using the concepts of "freedom" and "democracy" to undermine the Jewishness of Israel, evangelical attorney Calev Myers and the messianic missionary organization MaozIsrael were apparently behind a recent mock marriage of a Jew and a non-Jew in Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Square.

This gross opportunism is something that all true Jews, regardless of their level of observance, politics, and opinions on hot-button issues, should be aware and wary of.

Any struggle for democracy, freedom and justice in Israel should not come in the name of jesus, and at the expense of Jewish character and tradition...more


Keli Ata said...

Indeed a mockery of a Jewish wedding. That plastic cup stopped me in my tracks. So sad.

I'm glad I clicked to read JI's entire article. That woman from MaozIsrael comment about Israel being "our" country only confirms what I've always thought--these Christian Zionists want a Christian Zion.

I also clicked on a couple of links for Calev Meyers.

I was shocked that someone with a college education, let alone an attorney, would make this statement from 2008 on CBN:

"As a result, Israel is the only Western country where basic freedom of religion is denied. Today, those being discriminated against are Messianic Jews. Tomorrow it will be Conservative and Reform Jews," he said.

The guy doesn't even know what part of the world he's living in. I'm certain there's some deeper psychological reason he described Israel as a western country.

Totally OT but my overall impression is that they chose Tel Aviv--possibly a somewhat liberal city--for this mock wedding to join the locals in ridiculing Orthodox Jews.

It's ironic that Myers and other messianic Jews claim to be so Jewish and love the Jewish people yet denegrate the most religious Jews of the three branches of Judaism.

ellen said...

yep. that plastic cup says it all in many, many ways.

Judy said...

I think civil marriage and separation of religion and state would be a good answer to a great many problems and injustices in Israel.

My friend said she never had to resort to corruption in Israel, except with the rabbinate, when she wanted to file for marriage (she feared she would have to call of the chatuna, it was incredibly stressfull).

Before the Rabbinate gets a reputation of being a corrupt institution, I think it is preferable to institute civil marriage, just to preserve the dignity of rabbinate.

Apparently, the rabbinate is not able to preserve its dignity when being a mass institution the way it is now.

ellen said...

There are certainly valid reasons to debate the civil marriage issue here in Israel. We just don't Christians disguised as Jews taking advantage of the issues to further their agenda of eroding the foundations of traditional Judaism in the Jewish state.

"Messianic Jews" should not be at the forefront of the debate. The questions we always need to ask when dealing with these hot-button issues is, "is it good for the Jews and for Judaism"? (the real Jews).