Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"There Must Be Another Way"

No doubt it's part of the rebranding, that Israel is sending extreme Left singer, Achinoam NOA Nini and Arab-Israeli Mira Awad as a duo to Eurovision. Apparently, they're good friends, off-stage, too. I wonder if Nini could find room in her heart for a YESHA Jew... just curious.

Both women are extremely talented. I wouldn't deny that. Awad doesn't look Arab, but If I'm not mistaken, I caught on one of the TV promos that her mother is Bulgarian.

Israel's latest way of choosing its entry to Eurovision is for a "committee" to choose the performer/s and then the performer/s present/s a choice of songs on TV for live voting. This year everything about the choice was political to paint us as lovey-dovey Left, and that includes the songs themselves. Nini and Awad, apparently, were involved in the writing.

The last time Israel won Eurovision was when the formerly male Dana International represented us. Let me suffice to say that when I taught my male Israeli students high school EFL students the linguistic meaning of "it," they understood perfectly when I used that performer as an example.

There are lots of youtubes of Achinoam Nini and Mira Awad singing; I took this one from Israellycool.


Anonymous said...

I have another way:

Let Ninicompoop move to Damascus.

Or Beirut.

Or Amman.

Or Cairo.

Or to wherever in Yemen her family originated from.

Enough already!

Batya said...

I guess you don't like her singing? So Shy what about her friend?

Anonymous said...

Who cares about either of their singing abilities! I care about the nonsensical message their song conveys.

As for Awad, a communist pro-Palestinian Israeli Arab. What's not to like!

Batya said...

Shy, you're 100% right!

I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who still needs confirmation:

Israeli-Arab in Eurovision: 'HaTikvah Upsets Me'

Do you think Nini has this most elementary minimum of Jewish national honor and self respect to break it off? Of course not.

Batya said...

Thanks Shy. I'm glad we now have an MK not afraid to say the truth.