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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Death Penalty for Arab Terrorists!

Terrorism is a crime against humanity. True Justice demands that terrorists who attempt to murder innocents, whether they succeed or not, must be promptly executed. It is perverse, peculiar and beyond absurd that Israelis distinguish between terrorists with and without blood on their hands.

Why should the Israeli politicians, judicial, media etc consider it reasonable that an Arab terrorist who attempted to murder Israelis and failed should be given another opportunity?

There is an excellent pro-capital punishment article by Dudley Sharp in the Jerusalem Post.

Until now, only Adolf Eichmann has been executed in Israel. We have a few hundred convicted terrorists in our jails. Some are so vicious that not even Ehud Olmert agreed to free them in exchange for Gilad Shalit. I hope that a law will be proposed which would demand execution of all those terrorists.

This evening, the town of Shiloh and relatives and friends of the Eldar family welcomed a new Sefer Torah, Torah Scroll to our neighborhood synagogue. It was donated in memory of teenage Yonatan Eldar, HaY"D, who was one of the eight murdered by an Arab terrorist just over a year ago, in the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva, Jerusalem.


Keli Ata said...

Eight children gunned down in a religious school. You can't get any more depraved and evil than that.

G-d bless and comfort their family members and bring justice to all involved in the murder of these children.

Batya said...

Amen! Thanks for commenting.