Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't Let The Flags Fool You

And, please, don't let her pretty face make you think she's harmless. She is:

"New Balad MK Haneen Zuabi, the first woman to be elected to the Knesset as a representative of an Arab party, has welcomed Iran's growing influence on Palestinian affairs and praised Iran's quest for a nuclear weapon as a means of offsetting Israel's regional military edge." (complete article)

Samuel Sokol's interview with her for the Jerusalem Post is chock full of unpleasant surprises. I don't know how he kept his cool. He must have some poker face.

Having Israel as the region's sole nuclear power, she said, was "dangerous to the world."
... Iran's role in Palestinian affairs was "more useful" than that of regimes like Jordan and Egypt, in that Iran stood more firmly "against occupation than a lot of the Arab countries. This is our* interest."
*How does she define "our?"
The Iranian bomb was only "a potential" threat. The real danger was the Israeli army, she said. "Every day the Israeli [army] uses its violence, army violence."
Zuabi said that Israel was an aggressor state...
During the recent Israeli elections, there was controversy over whether Zuabi's party could run.
The Knesset Central Elections Committee disqualified the Balad party from running in the recent elections due to its members' refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and reported calls for violence against it. The ban was overturned by the Supreme Court.
Instead of investigating, spying on and detaining Jewish patriots, those who love our history and Land, the government should be more concerned about Arab Israeli loyalty. This woman sounds very dangerous.

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