Friday, March 13, 2009

Fred Taub on Al Jazeera Challenging the divest from Israel campaign

Fred says it well:


Anonymous said...

actually, fred doesnt say it well.
he comes across as emotional and belligerent, while she comes across as rational, trying to solve the problem of the poor beleaguered palestinians, and by doing it in a civil way, through economic boycott. NOTE I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS HOW IT IS, JUST HOW IT COMES ACROSS.
he launches a somewhat off-topic attack how she wants the destruction of israel. this comes off as wild, not to-the-point.
he could have made the same or similar points in a more rational way. for example, he should not have allowed her to get away with the accusations of israeli atrocities in gaza -- a point she made very well, whatever p.r. dept trained her deserves points. he should have redirected to the humanity of israel, the inhumanity of gaza, the commonalities between us values and israeli values such as civil society, morality, etc.

Anonymous said...

You're putting a good-looking young woman against an older man. The arguments themselves are meaningless - it's all about image, and, once again, we lost

Anonymous said...

Actually, I say it like it is and my message was on target.

The divest-from-Israel campaign is all about the destruction of Israel. Their idea is to get people who can not take up arms because they are in the U.S. or other countries, to destroy Israel economically.

And no, it is not about a beauty contest - it is about the facts and I beat her on substance. End of story.

Fred Taub