Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Missionary U. in the heart of Jerusalem

Posted by Ellen W. Horowitz

I warned you all about this one a year ago

On March 24, Southeastern University will hold its grand opening ceremony for the Jerusalem Studies Center - a satellite campus for Ministerial students.

The self-described "Christ-centered University" was founded in 1935 as a Bible Institute to train pastors and missionaries.

The deal for the 13,500 foot five-story building in the heart of Jerusalem, was most likely orchestrated by messianic attorney Calev Myers, who was the featured commencement speaker at Southeastern U. last year, His remarks reportedly focused "on the need...for further action to spread knowledge of Jesus. Southeastern graduates can help Israeli believers in Jesus by educating their congregations, praying for Israel and aligning themselves with Messianic Jewish congregations…He urged Jewish believers from around the world to relocate to Israel, as his family did when he was 18. ‘We believe the day is coming, friends, when Jesus once again will reveal himself to Israel, to the Jewish people,’ he said.”

Will keep you posted on developments.


Anonymous said...

so get that rabbi from a7 and others to hold demonstrations. they aren't legally allowed to proselytize.

take em to court. shut it down.

enough with this crap.

jews do not flee from all parts of the world only to end up in the holiest place for this treif.

people of israel: stand up to this crime.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, now you're cooking!

Unfortunately, Israel is schluefing.

BTW, Israel's anti-missionary law was watered down so that it only kicks in when the criminal offers material benefits as part of their missionary tactics.

That's why missionaries can strut their garbage openly on Israeli street corners.

They also do the opposite: offer material benefits without blatantly missionarizing. So you'll find them giving out meals to Israeli poor or care packages to Sderot residents and will do as much nudge-nudging and wink-winking as they can without directly bringing up during conversations the idea of salvation via their dead Jew on stick.

But, Anonymous, I note a flaw in your post. Jews should not 'flee' from all over the world to Israel. Hashem has opened the gates for Jews to come of their own free will.

Anonymous, it's not clear from your post: are you here or are you there?

Anonymous said...

I think we have to keep in mind that Jews and Christians (especially Evangelicals) have a completely different agenda and therefore be ware of Christian suport.

Ellen said...

Thanks for all three of the above comments.

Counter-missionary Legislation, Rabbinic guidelines, and Education (an awareness of their agenda, and a reaffirmation of our obligations as Jews) seems to be the combination we need to beat this challenge.