Monday, March 9, 2009

The Video on WEJEW Of the Recent Arab Terror Attack in Jerusalem

I know that youtube is like a "generic" term for free internet host for videos, but there are alternatives. WEJEW is growing. I can't imagine recopying/uploading my youtube videos to WEJEW, but I have joined, and I'll try to upload new ones there, or to both.

WEJEW markets to Jews. Its agenda is different from youtube. And it's promoting the video of the terror attack, when an Arab terrorist drove a tractor into a police car, when he was aiming at some buses.


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that you and WEJEW would post such [a revealing video] an obvious hoax... everyone knows that the poor [terrorist] Palestinian worker was targeted and then executed by the [fast acting] murderous Zionist police. Everyone knows because the [anti-semitic] main stream press has widely published this [lie] story.

Great video, SM. I assume the camera was a security camera of some sort...

Note: I tried to use the strike-through tags in html, but I couldn't, so I used the [...] to denote the text which wouldn't make it on YouTube!


Batya said...

Joe, watch the sarcasm. I was about to delete the comment, because the words are so negative. Sarcasm doesn't play well in writing. If you "have to," then at least use italics.