Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dignified, But Disappointed, Noam Shalit

Gilad Shalit's father spoke to the media today. He said that they'd be going home. He spoke sadly, as one would expect, since they have no idea if their son will ever return home.

The TV "journalists" on Israel's Chanel 1 were nasty as they interrogated government officials, especially Geula Evan. They were like nasty TV cops after a serial child-molester.

Noam Shalit sounded exhausted. Just across from the Shalit tent was the tent of the parents of terror victims. Arab terrorists who had murdered their children were on the lists of terrorists to be freed.

If Israel would only execute terrorists who murder, then it would be easier. There would never be the nightmarish threat hanging over us that those blood-thirsty terrorists could be freed to murder again. There is no way of rehabilitating terrorists. Why should we be feeding them, giving them places to live and medical care?

During the negotiations for Gilad Shalit's release, Israel started off agreeing to a small amount of terrorists and then gave in and approved more. And then each time names were agreed to, the Arabs demanded more and more, until finally, even Olmert stopped the deal.

I feel sorry for the Shalit family and friends. The media created a circus around them, hyping the chance of freeing Gilad to the point where everyone was certain that he'd be freed.

Of course, we don't know what Bibi Netanyahu will do. It looks like he has succeeded in buying Ehud Barak. The question is how many of Barak's Labor Party will join, too. And then there's more of a chance that some of Kadima will break off to be part of the coalition or even join the Likud. And as I predicted, Bibi's government will be far from Right. It will be Center-Left, not much different from Olmert's was or what Tsippi would have had if she could have.

I hope that Bibi will make a deal for Gilad Shalit which doesn't endanger innocent Israelis and doesn't reward terrorists. I certainly pray that Gilad Shalit won't join the long-term MIA's like Ron Arad and the IDF soldiers captured in Sultan Yakub.


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely an advocate for executing terrorists.

They are easy to put on trial too.

Judge, "Did you kill Jews"

Terrorist, "Yes"

Judge, "Will you kill more Jews if released?"

Terrorist, "Yes"

Judge, "Any final statement?"

Terrorist, "Allahu Akhbar!"

Judge, "Guilty, execution to commence in 3 hours."

It really is that simple too. They always admit their guilt proudly.

Batya said...


At least recently, when bystanders have killed the terrorists I haven't heard of them having legal problems. The guys who killed "my terrorist," did have trouble with the police for awahile, but the police had also tried to prove the an accident.

Anonymous said...

That's one of the problems--especially if you are a "settler" (I hate that term, the media has transformed it to mean "settling on ARAB lands")

Anyway, if you a settler, the government is not your best-friend anyway (because you make their puppet masters in the West angry) so not only do you have to dodge terrorist bullets, you have to be fearful of defending yourself because of your own government!

That's absurd!

It's also a terrible chilul Hashem in my opinion.

It's not bad enough that the entire world hates us (whether left or right), but a large portion of our own people (center to left) too!

A police officer should be there to protect the citizens whom are targeted with terror (like in your case) and not trying to prove your hero's guilt!

The shame that we have become as a people--to see that we have lowered ourselves to the opinions of those who hate us. It's almost as though we believe we are as dirty as our enemies declare us to be.

It really makes me so upset that I cannot express my dismay enough.

Batya said...

Good points, comrade. You can imagine how we feel. We're the most loyal, and we're treated like we're the enemy.