Thursday, March 5, 2009


At university, come end of semester, it was dreadful to receive one's report card with the word "incomplete" listed alongside the course name. Such disappointment pales in comparison to the frustration, anger and rage we here in the Western Negev feel at present. Incomplete by dictionary definition means not complete, not finished. That is precisely the situation here.

Firstly, however, as a religious Jew, I want to backtrack a bit and openly thank and praise Hashem for the ongoing miracles he has wrought these weeks after Operation Cast Lead. For, as during the war itself, only a blind man would fail to see His hand that has prevented PHYSICAL damage from the rockets Chamas keeps lobbing our way. I won't go into the mental fatigue and stress suffered by those in Sederot, Sha'ar Ha'negev and the Eshkol region where sirens continue to sound on a daily basis.

However, gratitude aside, we are so frustrated, angered and truly enraged that it defies words. I had an end of semester activity in my ninth grade class a few weeks ago. Half of that class comes from Sederot. All said they were extremely concerned about the future. All felt the government let them down by ending the war prematurely. All said that for years they believed that when the IDF would eventually enter Gaza to end the shelling, they had faith that the job would be completed and their lives could finally return to normal. At present, these pupils' fear and uncertainty is palpable.

Having dual citizenship, I am grateful that America allowed my grandparents to escape Europe in the last century. However it galls me no end how our leaders here continue to kowtow to the American leadership at the expense of its own citizens. Senator Obama had to be inaugurated and heaven forbid we prevent a smooth entrance into the White House. So, we skedaddled out of Gaza with our tail between our legs. What about Gilad Shalit? What about the thousands here in the Negev, like those in Netivot this evening who ran for cover when a rocket landed near a shul in town? What about the families who lost soldiers and loved ones during Operation Cast Lead? For naught?

If I could have my way, I would insist that each incoming member of government move to our area. I reckon that once THEIR children began bed wetting at advanced ages and THEIR spouses needed tranquillizers to get through the day, the situation would probably change. The basic inherent right of an independent sovereign state is to do all that is necessary to protect its citizens. Failure to do so is dereliction of duty. Our leaders are too busy playing musical chairs for the incoming government to address our security needs. For how long? For shame!!


Anonymous said...

Boruch Hashem, let us thank Him for all things--both in good times and bad. In the world to come, all men, from the greatest to the least shall bow before Him.

Someday soon, the rockets will no longer fall, and even our enemies will drop upon their knees in shame of their deeds before Hashem.

As long as we keep our eyes focused on shamayim, and our deeds focused on His glory, we shall be victorious when Hashem's power is revealed.

We are often kicked in the teeth by the wicked, but never forgotten by the Almighty.

Who could ever ask for a blessing greater than this--to be chosen by the G-d of all the Earth as His keepers of the torch of Torah?

I am grateful for America for taking in my family during the czarist pogroms, but it is Hashem who uses America as His tool for His own glory.

Therefore, no matter how frustrated we may become, it's important that we always bear in mind that we are never forgotten by our G-d, because His Covenant with us is eternal.

Whether we remain in galus, or find our way home to Eretz Yisrael, Hashem's promises shall not be forgotten, and His protective shield cannot be broken.

Batya said...

Netivotgirl, I wish to thank you for blogging here and using Shiloh Musings as the medium for your sincere and powerful messages.

May G-d keep you and your family and neighbor safe, and may G-d give the necessary wisdom to our leaders.

Sara Layah said...

Yet 20% of Sderot residents voted Kadima or Labor in the past elections according to the official govt knesset website site. How do you explain this?

Netivotgirl said...

Tovya, every word you wrote is the truth, Boruch Hashem yom yom! However, not everyone has the emotional stamina to withstand years of such stress without frustration and anger. Even if one has been blessed with a Torani education and KNOWS and BELIEVES what you wrote, when you have 10 seconds to run for your life it is absolutely terrifying. May you never know!

Sara Layah, there are left wingers everywhere here in Israel brainwashed by the media. I saw a YouTube film clip about a long time (ostracized) Sederot resident who use to MEET with Gazan residents for peace purposes, and continued calling some of them during this war, concerned for their well being while she herself was a target!!Unbelievable!!

As for voting for Labour, Eli Moyal the former mayor is much loved and respected in Sederot and he belongs to one of the parties you mentioned, I believe. Amir Peretz from Sederot is respected as well despite his poor perfomance in the second Lebanon War because of the years he headed the workers union- the Histadrut where he fought for the common man. (Most of Sederot's residents belong to the Histadrut.)

In the end, I agree with Tovya in that our salvation will come neither from Bibi, Tzippy, Barak nor Avigdor. Only Hashem will save us, dependent upon our actions mitzva-wise and His plans for the scheme of things here in the world.

Anonymous said...

Former general and Israel NSA head Uzi Dayan says that Cast Lead failed:

In Hebrew:

In the 2006 elections, he created a party called Tafnit that advocated the (from wikipedia) "Dayan plan", a plan which offers to complete quickly as possible the building of the West Bank barrier and to implement a unilateral action which in its center an evacuation of isolated settlements in Samaria, and creation of a border on demographic basis; the plan supposed to be kind of a second stage of the disengagement plan, that Dayan is among her creators.

It seems that he has not done tshuva enough to realize the need to resettle Gush Katif. It does not say that, but his only wish is that the [democratically elected] Hamas government fall (so the PLO can reconquer Gaza).

Disconnected with reality.

Netivotgirl said...

Josh, I'd read that. But, one needn't be a general to reach those conclusions; just spending 24 hours in the Eshkol/ Sederot region would be enough.

About Gush Katif, I do know of some leftists who have "done teshuva," and admitted being wrong. Sadly, though, the vast majority of the leftists are blind. May Hashem grant we see all Am Yisrael return to Him B'teshuva Shaleima.