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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Olmert Plays "Hot Potato"

The Israeli Government and media have been toying with the Shalit family ever since their son Gilad was captured by our Arab enemies. Treppenwitz describes the present situation very eloquently.

I'm sure that everyone who saw or heard Ehud Omert's "We have red lines" speech last night was amazed. Some, because they were certain that a deal had been reached and Gilad would be returned home, and others, because Olmert's a pro at moving and deleting red lines at his convenience. Why dafka now has he discovered an immovable red line?

As the wife and mother of Israeli soldiers, and having been injured in an Arab terror attack, I've always known the there are no guarantees that we'll all live "happily ever after." Actually, no society can ever guarantee such a thing. There are always illnesses and accidents even in the most peaceful of countries.

Two crucial and tragic mistakes in Israeli policy are its benevolent attitude towards the Arab terrorists in our own jails and the naked desperation offering anything and anyone in exchange for our soldiers. This results in that the Arab price keeps going up, and innocent Israeli soldiers like Gilad Shalit are left captive in enemy hands.

Olmert's a great actor. If you didn't know his background, all of the corruption charges against him, his one-hundred and eighty degree turn from his Right wing Betar-Revisionist background to extreme Left, you'd think the man really was principled. It was a great performance, a great speech.

Sadly, the media had prepared the Shalit family for something else. They had expected Israel to pay any price asked for Gilad.

Now, unless there's some great surprise, the "hot potato" will be passed to Bibi Netanyahu. I hope and pray that he'll play "hardball" with the Arabs. That's the only way to bring Gilad home, and it's the only way to get us closer to true peace.

No more Mr. Nice Guy...

That's what I'd like to see, but I doubt if Bibi has the guts.


Maya / מיה said...

Great post. I wrote about this today too (howtobeisraeli.blogspot.com, but not so insightfully. Excellent characterization of Olmert-- you said it so well: any one time we see him speak, he can seem to be a principled man.

Anonymous said...

The horror of having to rely on Bibi to "stand up" to pressure from the West and negotiate on principal is a frightening proposition.

I remember when he came into power the first time in '96--everyone on the right was elated. They all believed that his clean English, and American ways would be a strength. Of course, his strength quickly turned into a weakness, because he was quick to bow down to U.S. pressure.

Then of course, this latest power grab, the poor-souls on the right who put faith in him were quick to proclaim that the reason why he disappointed us last time is because of opposition from the left.

And then, he spit in his supporters faces by doing EVERYTHING he could to NOT form a right-wing government--he tried to do anything and everything to form a coalition with the left.

All we can do is rely upon Hashem, His will shall be done either way. We are in His hands, just as Gilad is.

Batya said...

Maya, thanks so much. I guess you're learning more about Israel than you bargained for.

Comrade, you're so right. That's why I can't be overjoyed that Bibi will be PM.

Benji Lovitt said...

Ugh-so horribly frustrating. I was the tent the night of the announcement. Poor, poor family....what else can you say.

Batya said...

Benji, did you visit the tent of the terror victims? Some of those on the list murdered family members. Every time Israel gave in and added names, the Arabs demanded more.

Benji Lovitt said...

I did not. I'm not advocating a deal necessarily...it is a horrible situation with no positive, happy solution. There is no answer, I still feel bad for his family though.

Batya said...

OK, thanks for the clarification.
There are deals and there are deals. We have to change our tactics completely.