Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Democracy In Action

Shiloh is a small town. Last night we had our local elections. I've been on the election committee for well over twenty years. Or more accurately said, I've been appointed to each election committee with the exception of once for well over twenty years

We're not a "permanent" committee. An Election Committee must be appointed by a "Town Meeting" before each local election, and then it has a "life span" of twenty-one (21) days, which can be extended by the Rasham Agudot, a government official in charge of "rural communities" like Shiloh

I've sat with various neighbors on the committee over the years. For some once was enough, and others worked with me a number of times and then for their own reasons declined to continue. I truly enjoy being on the Election Committee. Without a doubt it is my favorite way of contributing to community life in Shiloh.

Nowadays there is almost no other event, except the Yom Ha'atzmaut, Independence Day festivities where I can see so many neighbors. At least at elections, the volume is low, no noise and music blasting away damaging my precarious hearing.

Local elections are my great opportunity to meet and get to know the newer and younger Shiloh residents, not the kids, the adults who are my children's ages and younger. I'm not only referring to the voters; I'm referring to members of the committee. I have few opportunities to meet and work with these neighbors. This year in particular, there were enough committee members, including "repeats" for me to train and observe. Besides the "clerical" preparation, I didn't have to do "everything."

I'm glad to say that we managed to run a very complicated multiple-elections relatively quickly and efficiently. And now, just like after national elections, we don't know how well the winners will do their jobs. I guess we'll have to add them to our prayers. May G-d gift wisdom to our elected officials.

And here's the "lighter" side of the elections.


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