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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blaming The Israel Lobby...

There's no latent anti-Israel agenda in the Obama administration, it's pretty above board. They tried putting in Charles W. Freeman Jr., who has lots of foreign ties, especially Arab in a a top intelligence post, and now they're blaming Israel for his having to give it up.
Representative Steve Israel, a New York Democrat, also called Mr. Emanuel about the pick, and pushed Mr. Blair’s inspector general to examine possible conflicts of interest surrounding Mr. Freeman’s relationships with the Chinese and Saudi governments.

Any minimally objective investigation would show him too connected to foreign countries, including China, Iran and Saudi Arabia, to hold any sensitive security position.

If that's mainstream America for Obama, I'd say that the United States has changed, or a lot of voters didn't check the fine print.


Maya / מיה said...

You know what gets me? Before the election, those stupid e-mails claiming that Obama is a closeted Al-Quaeda member blinded people to the rational objections to his presidency based on his anti-Israel associations. The media and liberal Jews lumped the reasonable objections with the far-fetched ones, and thus dismissed them all as paranoia based on Obama's middle name.


Anonymous said...

I agree Maya.

The one thing all U.S. administrations have in common is that they surround themselves with Jews (or media proclaimed Jews who per halacha aren't really Jewish, like Casper Weinberger for Reagan).

And then they let those people be the anti-Israel voice of the administration to deflect any cries of anti-Israel or anti-Semitic bias.

That's why I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you want to know an administration's stance on Israel, don't look at the president--instead look at the so-called Jews that they bring into their administration.

It's the true litmus test in my opinion.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

To be fair to Obama, its' actually that Blair brass head who has chosen that Haman.

Anyway, we are rid of this one, let's eat and celebrate Purim!


Batya said...

Maya, right, and everytime someone said something negative about Obama, they were accused of being anti-Black. That was the worst of it. He was elected because of his color; it blinded people to the truth.

comrade, grat point!

snoopy, as Truman said: "The buck stops here." Obama's the US pres, so he's to blame.

Anonymous said...

i don't know. I think jewish lobby is pretty strong and influental, so IMO Freeman was right. They're even that strong that now an american can't criticize israel without being trashed. So you're either anti-Semitic or -if you're a jew - you're a self-hating Jew. it's pretty sad.

Batya said...

The problems with Freeman are much more complex than his lack of friendship with Israel. Just like many who didn't support Obama for President becaus of his lack of experience.