Monday, March 30, 2009

The Case of The Missing Youtube

*Thanks to YR. The video is still on The Jerusalem Post. I suggest that you watch/listen. Here it is:

Until a few hours ago, there was a ten minute youtube video of a much younger Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu aka Ben Nitay explaining very clearly and eloquently why there was no justification for a "Palestinian" State.

Was anybody wiser than me and saved it in their own computer? I didn't think of it. If so, please send me the link. Thanks

It was from thirty years ago. I think that's when Bibi was strongly influenced by the late David Bar Ilan. David Bar Ilan was an amazing person. He first became famous as a concert pianist.

The multi-talented Israeli David Bar-Ilan, who has died aged 73 after a heart attack, was a brilliant concert pianist, an influential journalist and spinmaster supreme for his country's controversial former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Known for his sharp intellect, deft prose and combative defence of conservative views, he was lead writer on the English-language Jerusalem Post from 1990, edited the paper from 1992 to 1996, and returned as an occasional columnist in 1999.

I remember speaking to him just before he took a very important job working for then Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

...Netanyahu, having defeated Labour's Shimon Peres in the May 1996 elections, made Bar-Ilan his chief of information and policy planning - a testing assignment given western apprehensions about the ruling Likud party's policies. More than a mere spokesman, Bar-Ilan became Netanyahu's eminence grise, writing, for example, his boss's first speech to the US Congress, which reviled the "tyrannies" of the Middle East.

I was pretty suspicious of Bibi, even then. I davka had a talk with David right before he began working with Bibi in 1996. I remember the day well, because that was just a couple of hours after I was run over by an Arab terrorist.

Friends of mine were working in an office in the Jerusalem Post Building. One picked me up from Terem, the First Aid center where I had gone to be X-Rayed. I hobbled into David's office, interrupting a phone call and demanded that someone interview me, or he should let me type out my story on a computer.

David Bar Ilan suggested that I get comfortable on his office couch and then sent in a reporter for an interview. I wrote my op-ed from home, and he used my story as the basis for an editorial attacking the police for trying to prove the terror attack an accident. After the interview, when my friend was ready to drive us home, I thanked him and asked him if he really thought that Bibi would do the right things as Prime Minister. Bar Ilan said that if Bibi didn't, he'd leave the job. That was easier said than done.

And now for another cliche`, I hope that the video hasn't gone with the wind....


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the bibi video. israelis and americans need to see the right blasting the mamzerim.

Batya said...

And the biggest mystery is:
"Why has Bibi joined the left?"