Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Than Skin Deep

No surprise that, according to the polls, most American Blacks are enthusiastic about Barack Obama for US President, but those who aren't planning on voting for him, whether, black, white, yellow, red or blue, don't necessarily calculate his skin color in their decision.

During my very recent trip to New York, I discovered that few people are waffling between McCain and Obama, except those who can't stand either of them.

For those who have always wanted a choice, this is the year. What could be more different than this year's U.S. Presidential nominees? And forget about skin color! Just look at their ages, military experience, life experience, marital history, family background. Need I go on? Oops! I left out policies, but that's because in a Yes, Minister kind of way, they usually get "evened out" once in office.

Maureen Dowd writes complaining that it's hard to for comedians to get a grip on Obama. Honestly, I think the real reason is because he seems so anorexic. His thinness isn't from a Bobby Kennedy type of hyperactivity; it's more like a culinary nouveau riche attitude towards food and life.

Obama's "change" slogan is brilliant, but if it wasn't for the "pc" guilt-trip re: his skin color, I don't think he would have had a chance.

Good Luck America and Good Luck World!


benning said...

Obama's 'Change' slogan is old hat in the Democrat Party, used many times by them. He remains an empty suit.

Batya said...

"empty," yes, but the crowds seem captive

benning said...


Hehehee! Yes, they do seem that. The fainting is always fun to read about. The man is bereft of experience in much of anything, cannot connect to the simplest experiences of his 'followers' and proclaims any attacks on his statements, pronouncements, or flip-flopping as 'distractions.'

His Senate experience amounts to something like 143 days, total. Elected in 2006, he's been running for the Presidency since 2007.

This would be like me moving to Israel and proclaiming my fitness to be elected to the Knesset, and the next month seeking to be the Prime Minister. In Israel I'd be laughed off the stage and led to a quiet place to recover. In the USA Obama is touted as a Messiah who will save the country from ruin.

If it weren't so sad, so scary, it would be riotously funny.

Just watch Obama when he tries to speak away from his teleprompter. He's an excellent 'speechifier', but he can't think on his feet.

Hope! Change! Unity!



Batya said...

Gevalt! Even worse than I thought. And if you proclaim his unsuitability, you're a racist, right?

benning said...

If not racist, then certainly suspect. After all He's the Obamessiah!

Sorry. It's getting to ba a habit.


Batya said...

You're right. It is dangerous, perverting the truth and instilling fear.

Where's the little boy shouting?:
"The king is in his altogether!"