Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Pre-Post" About An Important Topic

I don't have time to write as fully and completely as I would wish about an important topic.

Why does the Left manage to promote their causes so efficiently?

They know how to plan activities, lobby etc. We, on the Right, are just a bunch of bumbling amateurs. I've become so frustrated at how badly we handle things.

There are time-proven techniques. Why don't we utilize them? Why don't we teach them to our grassroots organizations?

The New Israel Fund, the veteran Left-Wing umbrella organization, has Shatil. Shatil supports and trains community activists of various organization. Most are Left-wing and others are non-political.

I attended some of Shatil's sessions a number a years ago when I was working with a non-political organization. I recently offered to help out the Hatikvah Party, but the professors running it totally snubbed me. There's another group I'd like to help. I have to contact them. I certainly don't know everything, but I do know that "we don't have to reinvent the wheel." We'd be better off following "how to succeed" techniques than our consistently unsuccessful guesswork.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, bumbling fools still having the authorities walk all over us.

Frankly, there is some increasing light in the darkness. The Yesha human rights organization is making groundbreaking work in prosecuting violent police, but then again, there are many files still getting closed for 'non-interest of the public'.

Besides playing law in the 'elitist' court, the orange grassroots is still only now emerging. The major screwup and self-holding hand behind the back of Moetzet Yesha encouraged many small organizations to take the lead - kommemiut and virashtem to name a couple, but yeah, we're still amateurs.

One thing we don't have is the European money. That would help.

Batya said...

It's not money, it's professionalism, and the left are real professionals. We have a lot to learn.

Anonymous said...

According to your most recent post, Likud is not right wing, nor is Mafdal, nor nowadays is Ichud Haleumi. So in your opinion, there is not a single right wing knesset member. However Labor and Meretz and the Arab parties are indisputably left wing, and Kadima probably too, for a total of 70 knesset members. Who do you think will have more influence, the side with 70 knesset members or the side with 0? And you think the issue is organizational techniques?

Batya said...

arik, I think you missed something. I said that there are no reliably right wing parties; I didn't say there werent' any right wing MK's. MK Dr. Arieh Eldad is right, but he isn't enough a leader to keep the NU there.

Anonymous said...

OK then, the balance is 70-1 not 70-0. My point stands.

Hadassa DeYoung said...

Arik, money can't buy what the right-wing needs.
We have to fundamentally change our way of thinking and doing. We aren't using manpower that we have effectively. Too many Indians and not enough Chiefs. And we only need one Chief.

Batya said...

arik, I don't think you understood the point of my post; hadassa did.

There are known, tried and tested ways of working with people, getting your message across, presenting ideas etc. The left has a very experienced professional training program. We, the Iraeli-Jewish Right, have nothing.

Olmert's great personal success and political survival is because he, too, utilizes these techniques.