Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Fiction Than Fact

The U.S. Government pr department has been creatively writing up war stories to bolster public support for the Iraq War/Occupation. The "legends" would make great screenplays. Maybe that's where the officials should be working--Hollywood.

Decades ago Ronald Reagan would be the star. Now Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson would fight over the male roles and Hillary Swank would go for the female one.

Are there already movies being made about these stories?


benning said...

The stories of Pat Tillman and Jessica lynch are years old, now, and have been flogged to death. For the NYTimes to bring them up - again - as they continue to tout for Leftism and their favorite candidate - Obama - is merely same old/same old. I'm kinda surprised that you would pay attention to anything those anti-semitic, Leftist liars publish.

Just because the NYTimes says so doesn't mean it is so. Not in many years.

Batya said...

Sorry, thanks.