Thursday, July 24, 2008

Welcome to Zot Shelanu! It's Ours!

Continuing about the imaginary Israeli Political Party I wish would exist, I'm going to give a "first speech." If you're interested in doing more for the cause, please contact me. This is also posted on The Eye of the Storm.

Zionism is live and well. Just don't expect to hear about it from the media.
Zionism is the action of Jews settling Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel.
Zionism is when Jews make themselves self-sufficient and sovereign in Eretz Yisrael.

Zot Shelanu is for Jews who want a strong, independent state in the Land of Israel. Non-Jewish Israelis who fully support Israel as a Jewish State can certainly back us.

Zot Shelanu is for all Jews, no matter what your level of religious observance. It's between you and G-d. All of us keep some mitzvot more and others less. The mitzvah which unites us the mitzvah of yishuv Ha'Aretz, settling the HolyLand.

Eretz Yisrael is for all Jews, whether in the Golan, Negev, Tel Aviv, Kedumim, Nes Tziona, Shiloh, Eilat or Hebron. For each of us there's a different spot in Eretz Yisrael which beckons. Every rock, cave, hill and plain in Eretz Yisrael is calling someone.

The media is keeping it a secret, but thousands of youth, adults and grandparents are establishing new communities in our Biblical Homeland. The mountain range, gav hahar, is the home of modern chalutzim, Jewish pioneers.

We, of Zot Shelanu, support them, but not one hundred percent, one thousand percent!

Yes, Zot Shelanu! All of Eretz Yisrael is ours, and we must make that clear, not only to the world, but to everyone here in Israel.

Enjoy and take advantage of the great gift G-d gave us, because
Zot Shelanu!


Anonymous said...

A few other points you may want to consider adding to your "platform" as complimentary side issues:
1. One of the main obstacles for the nationalists is the fact that the court system seems to be against them, and uses their power to oppose the cause. While dictating judges' politics is probably a bad idea and not likely to work, outlawing judicial activism (much like Friedmann is doing, but more so) is a good idea. Ideally, a law would be passed defining it to be corruption whenever a judge rules based on anything other than the law, whether it's someone giving him money (bribes), the way he feels the law should be (judicial activism), or any other means. The judiciary should be made to realize that its job is only to interpret the law, not to make it. For religious people, quoting Vayikra 19:15 is a good support for this goal.
2. Another issue facing the nationalist camp is media hostility. Therefore, a worthwhile goal (again, worthwhile in its own right anyway) would be making it clear that it is the media's job to report what happens, not influence it. While you would need to be careful not to step on free speech, a special status/label given only to those publications that do not try to promote their own political viewpoint (and possibly allowing only such publications on any government-supported medium) could help, if identifying them is feasible. (It is probable that some nationalist media would be disqualified as well, but an objective press is still a good thing, and the Left will take a bigger hit.)
3. Diplomatic negotiations with the Palistineans should be focused on attaining a joint ideological statement. For instance (and it is possible that these examples may not be feasible),
a. Israel might accept a statement that states that an occupied people (although it would be clear it does not confer that status on any actual group) has the right to resistance, in exchange for the statement also saying that intentional targeting of civilians is not justified even in that case (thereby invalidating terror).
b. Getting the Palistineans to acknowledge that we have a claim to the Land that supercedes all claims but their own (about we would remain in disagreement), due to our ancestors living there, might be bought with an Israeli acknowledgement that the Palistineans living there for several generations gives them a claim that supercedes all but out own, plus an acknowledgement that the Holocaust, while it may have gained international sympathy for a Jewish state, cannot give us the right to the land of Israel (actually, dumping this "right" might be advisable anyway, as it is indefensible and only serves as a target for Ahmanijad and his ilk.)
4. If Israel is to be truly independent, it needs to be less reliant on America (this also helps the nationalist cause, as it means one less source of pressure)
5. While this is not linked to nationalism and may not belong on your platform, more solar power research is probably a good idea; not only is Israel in a great position for it (having a lot of smart people relatively near the equator), but it will weaken the international power of its enemies by decreasing the importance of oil.

Batya said...

yitzi, these are all very good points. Are you joining?

Anonymous said...

Why not just strengthen Manhigut Yehudit?

Anonymous said...


Batya said...

There are things I don't agree with.