Thursday, July 24, 2008

That's Not "Love" Buster

What makes this NY Times writer, NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF, such an expert in Israel, history and civil rights? His op-ed, Tough Love for Israel? is an outrageous mish-mash of pseudo-facts, distortions and ignorance.

The Jewish Nation has a well-documented history thousands of years old, and the United States is barely a pisher, just over two hundred years old.

Don't talk tough love to me, Kristof! Respect your elders. I don't need to hear your chutzpadik demands. Of all the nerve to instruct American politicians to tell us not to build and develop our country. Don't you dare compare Christian and Muslim history in the HolyLand to our Jewish History. We Jews have existed long before those two other religions, both of which tried to usurp our forefathers, history and Land.

Don't let our tired Prime Minister fool you. He's not the real power. The Israeli people are, and we're not tired, not at all. We'll surprise you.

We'll surprise you and the world, just like King David did when he seemed definitely on his deathbed, oblivious to everything. Suddenly his beloved Batsheva walked in, the woman for whom he risked his throne. She told him that one of his older sons had proclaimed himself king, as if King David was already dead. But, she reminded him: "You promised me that our son, Shlomo (Solomon), would succeed you as king."

All of a sudden, King David came back to life and instructed her, his staff and son Shlomo exactly what to do. And Shlomo haMelech, King Solomon ruled.

Remember that the Moshiach, Messiah is descended from King David. Today we may appear weak and leaderless, but like our ancient king, our strength will revive, so stop talking about us and to us like we're an unruly child.

The Jewish People has existed thousands of years before America, and we'll be around thousands of years after you're history.


Unknown said...

Your response to Nicholas Kristof’s op-ed in “The New York Times” is apt and aptly phrased. When Israel’s ridiculous prime minister uttered pathetically “We are tired of fighting ..." too many people took him seriously.
Your article sets the tone for a national change of attitude.
Rafi Dobrin

Batya said...

thanks rafi,
I'm really sick of the patronizing attitude the US has towards Israel. The only way to stop abuse is to call it that, plain and simple.
If you agree with what I wrote, then just, please, pass it around.

Anonymous said...

Alas, I think Israel has caught a nasty case of 'world-love-me-syndrome'. The only cure: realize that being scorned & alive IS FAR BETTER than being loved & dead.

Those that hate Israel will hate her no matter what. No amount of facts, figures or discussion of history will ever change their colored views - they run away from debate (ever notice how the antis censor comments on their blogs?), they do not want to listen with an open mind, but rather they are content to use & abuse empty phrases: genocide (even though they have not lost 1% of 1% of 1% of 1% of 1% of their population...), ethnic cleansing (interesting, considering the Pals have one of the World's highest GROWTH rates!), and international law (criteria: if Israel does it, it must be against "International Law")...

Although we differ in idealogy, I support Israel largely from a secular humanist & historical perspective, I do share your frustration. I long for the days when politicians put country ahead of career & trully made decisions that were best for Israel.

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Batya said...

wingless, thanks
good points
Glad we agree on things.