Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Guess It's Time For The Little Red Hen!

I'm sure you remember the Little Red Hen who could never find partners to do the hard work, the planting, reaping, grinding and baking. But when it came to eating the bread... suddenly she had lots of willing barnyard animals.

Well for quite a few years, I've been kvetching and ranting about the dearth of reliably Right and patriotic political parties here in Israel. With a heavy heart I agree to vote for a party which inevitably disappoints me.

So, now, instead of kvetching and ranting and pretending that some politician or party will do what must be done for the future of our precious State of Israel...If I have to pretend, I may as well go whole hog and invent my dream party or political movement.

I'm debating between two names

מחר Tomorrow
זאת שלנו It's Ours!

Names and slogans are very important. Look at the US's Obama. His "Change" won him the nomination verses Hillary Clinton whose "My Turn" sounded childish. (Ok, maybe it wasn't her slogan, but it was her theme.)

There's a great old snappy Israeli song, מחר "Machar," Tomorrow. I danced it down Fifth Avenue during the Salute to Israel Parade, when I was younger. It's important to plan for the future, so there will be a future and not to just think of today.

I imagine a montage of images from all over Eretz Yisrael--including Tel Aviv, The Land of Israel, and on top we'll see the slogan, Zot Shelanu! It's Ours!

Please send your vote via the coments to help choose the party's name.
More to follow...


benning said...

If you'll forgive the impertinence of a non-Israeli ... since everybody seems to either want a piece of Israel - for themselves or for others ... "It's Ours!"

It says what it needs to say.

Batya said...

benning, thanks
The comment on Arutz 7 ( agrees with you, so it's "Zot Shelanu!"

Please spread the word.

Esser Agaroth said...


How about Zo Shalanu, reminissent of Zo Artzeinu.

Just don't make the same mistaked of Techiyah which wanted to keep the land w/o removing the Yishmaelite enemy.

Instead they preferred to work on having Kach banned.

Batya said...

so, do you want to join?
I don't want a Kahane party nor a Jabotinsky party, just a Jewish party to establish a strong Jewish country.

Esser Agaroth said...

No, not unless it is a Torah party. Unfortunately, not eeryone realizes that Jewish and Torah are one in the same.

The fundamental error made constantly about Kach was that it was about one or two particular misswoth. It wasn't, it was about all of the Torah.

That being said, it is apauling that none of the religious parties want to talk about ALL of the misswoth including the removal of enemies and avodah zarah.

Now Likud wants to bring more in:

Which misswoth were Techiyah and Likud about? None. That's not where they're coming from.

Bottom line? Techiyah knew that Kach was going to talk away their votes. Reports were predicting 14 seats for Kach.

Democracy doesn't have much place in the Torah World:,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,51/Itemid,64/lang,english/

Batya said...

I say Jewish, because Judaism's based on Torah, and there isn't one person in this world who can honestly say that he/she is 100% Torah. We're all "beinoni'im," some place in the middle.

Hadassa DeYoung said...

What do you mean Kach was only about two mitzvot? The platform clearly included all of the Torah, and has been the only platform not to ever change. Concerning the main issues and Rav Kahane's plan of action, every party has its strong points and starting point. First things first, second things second, etc.

Esser Agaroth said...


No. I didn't say it was about two misswoth. I said it was an error to think that it was.

Batya said...

Kahane as a "thinker" and Kahane as a politician were two different things.

Hadassa DeYoung said...

Sorry Ben-Yehuda. I read you wrong the first time.
Batya, how would you say that Kahane the thinker and Kahane the politician were different? Rav Kahane always strove to be consistent.

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