Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who Is Right Correct?

This isn't a matter of "Right" and "Left," even though "right" means correct, not only politically "right," and as Arieh Eldad has pointed out, it's rather interesting that the Israeli Professor's for a Safe/Secure Israel aren't from the humanities; they're from science and math. That means that it's logical and easy to prove that Right is right, and Left is wrong, but I'm writing about something else... that exchange agreement with the Hizbullah. There are all sorts of conflicting opinions:

'Cabinet decision a victory for Israel'
Miki Goldwasser: Country should be proud; Zvi Regev: I hope this nightmare will end tomorrow.

'Deal's approval an admission of defeat'
Senior Hizbullah official: Exchange shows
Israel's "humiliating failure in confronting the

This isn't easy for me to say, but the Hizbullah is probably right, oops, correct. They're usually pretty straight and honest in their statements, like when they tell the world they want us destroyed, gone, murdered, dead, vanished, G-d forbid. The problem is that the Left, the media and most politicians and diplomats try to sugar-coat it, claiming, Officer Krupke-like, that the Arab terrorists are really nice, just deprived and suffering, so if we make them feel better and treat them well, they'll be "just like us."

I do feel sorry for the Goldwassers, but I worry about the future of our country more.

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