Monday, July 21, 2008

McCain Has Learned How to Govern

This article reminds me of how LBJ was the one who actually got JFK's platform passed. Kennedy never would succeeded, not being as skilled and experienced a politician and legislator as Johnson.

Taking this a step or so further, I wonder who is actually controlling Obama. He is inexperienced, so he'll be much more dependent on staff. He came out of the far outfield. He hasn't been tested. The toughest thing he ever did was this presidential campaign and he was mentored carefully.

Recently, friends have been begging me to change my "I don't vote in US Elections" policy. I wonder...


Leora said...

change my "I don't vote in US Elections" policy
Yes, yes!

Somewhere (was it Carl in Jerusalem?) I read that American voters in Israel can really influence this election.

Batya said...

We're just a drop in the bucket.
For the first time, I'm thinking about it. When's the deadline?