Thursday, July 31, 2008

Feiglin warns about missionaries

Posted by Ellen W. Horowitz

The following is an English translation of Moshe Feiglin's article which appeared in last week's Makor Rishon.

No Strings Attached?
By Moshe Feiglin
Tamuz 5768
July, '08

"He has recently become more religious," the reporters explained as they described the second Jerusalem Moslem who attempted to murder Jews with a tractor.

The Israeli public is already used to terror attacks in the name of Allah. These attacks are euphemistically described as 'nationalistically motivated'. But everybody knows in whose name the terrorists stage their murderous assaults. The Arabs who piloted the Boeing jets into the Twin Towers did not yell "Long live Saudi Arabia!" and last week's murderous tractor driver did not declare "Long live the Arab nation!" before perpetrating their horrendous deeds. Every Israeli knows what Arabs shout as they murder. They shout the Moslem motto, 'Allah hu akbar.' They act in the name of their god. Their terrorism is not nationalistically motivated. It is religiously motivated.

As opposed to the Left, the nationalist camp – and especially the national religious camp in Israel – is capable of understanding and dealing with this fact. But it is specifically this camp that is rapidly falling under the influence of a religious threat even more dangerous than Islam. It is specifically the nationalist and religious nationalist public that has been opening the door to xtianity and allowing it to slowly but surely sway Israeli reality.

The xtian conquest is much more dangerous than the Moslim conquest because it is not direct. It is not violent. It is embracing and supportive. It connects with Israel against the Moslem enemy. It supports a Jewish Land of Israel in its entirety. It even speaks up for the sanctity of the connection between the Nation of Israel, the Land of Israel and the Torah of Israel. It just forgets to mention to which Nation of Israel and to which Torah it refers.

The nationalist public is not aware of the extent and depth of the influence that these groups have achieved in Israel. It is very easy to be enticed by the fact that they hide their motives and offer large sums of money to causes that are important and often crucial for Israel.

It took me a bit of time to realize their true intentions, and in the meantime, I also received a small number of contributions from xtian factors. They insinuated that they were Noahides – non-Jews who have accepted the seven commandments that G-d gave to Noah, which negate xtianity. They declared that they were not part of any church and that the crucifix offends them. They simply forgot to mention that for them, G-d is actually the xtian deity and that the Nation of Israel is actually those who believe in that deity. Thank G-d, it took me a relatively short time to figure out what was going on and I cut off all ties with them.

They are careful to hide their true intentions. They will not usually display the crucifix and will not mention the name of their deity in conversation with Jews. They simply 'love' us – "no strings attached." But their goal is clear: To immigrate to Israel by the millions, to become citizens and to convert us all, G-d forbid. They do explicitly admit that as far as they are concerned, a Jew who does not accept their deity will burn in hell.

On the surface, why should we care? What difference does it make if huge sums of money for Israeli welfare causes are from xtian sources? "When Mashiach comes, we'll ask him what religion he is," the cynics wink. But this is not a matter that can be laughed off. Money talks. The organizations that feed the hungry children of Israel will eventually control their minds, as well.

Slowly but surely, more and more xtian institutions are being built in Israel. They have infiltrated almost every Jewish organization. And most worrisome of all, they have infiltrated the political Right. Acting MKs and candidates for the Knesset from all the rightist parties have been busy running to their churches in the US, hugging the most despicable missionaries and giving their activities in Israel and their beliefs the legitimacy so crucial to their success. Big money from these groups has been blinding the eyes of many Likud candidates, as well as Orange MKs and rabbis, and strictly kosher Haredi rabbis, as well.

It is hard to blame the Likud candidates for taking their money. If well-known rabbis and MKs with large skullcaps and beards see nothing wrong with xtian support, why should the less religiously knowledgeable Likudnik be more stringent than they are? These xtians have been waiting 2,000 years for their messiah to arrive. They certainly have the patience to position more and more politicians who owe them their seats in key slots in Israel. Missionary activity in Israel is growing by leaps and bounds. But what mayor or politician will fight the missionaries after they have received millions from the very same 'Israel loving' organizations?

These xtians have been waiting 2,000 years for their messiah to arrive. They certainly have the patience to position more and more politicians who owe them their seats in key slots in Israel. Missionary activity in Israel is growing by leaps and bounds. But what mayor or politician will fight the missionaries after they have received millions from the very same 'Israel loving' organizations?

It is astounding how a history of 2,000 years of bloodshed evaporates in the face of large sums of cash. The children of Beit El will not pay the price of this abomination any time soon. The price will first be paid by the children in poor neighborhoods and in families whose Jewish identity is not well developed.

But every Jew is responsible for one another. If we do not open our eyes and reject these xtian groups and their money, we will all pay the price.


Anonymous said...

somebody please tell feiglin that american christians do not have jewish ancestry and therefore cannot become israeli citizens.

somebody else please get him treatment for what appears to be his compulsive paranoia.

Unknown said...

I have known a few Christians who regularly visit Israel for over 30 years. These are people who come at least once a year -- often more -- and not once have any of them ever tried to sway my beliefs. Indeed I don't remember any of them even mentioning Jesus - not that it would bother me. Maybe there are those Christians (why the disrespectful abbreviation in the post) who have designs on Israel and the Jewish people. And maybe some of us are overly paranoid. And maybe Moshe Feiglin is using this so-called threat as a political ploy for himself. Maybe the whole thing is just load of rubbish. I would be betraying the friendship of my Christian friends if I didn't respond to this post.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous and Ralph,

I posted this and neglected to mention that the original Hebrew version can be found at

I want it made clear that I am not a member of Manhigut and was not politically motivated to post this.

I doubt very much that Feiglin's writing this piece is a "political ploy" either - as was suggested by Ralph. But I do feel that by referring to Moshe as "paranoid", these first two talkbacks are most probably politically motivated.

that being said...

To Anonymous: numerous American Christian groups are claiming that they are "lost tribes" or are "grafted" in to the Jewish root and therefore entitled to their inheritance in Israel. Messianic Lawyers at are doing all they can to change the Law of Return in Israel and are utilizing loopholes in a big way which allow Christians to make aliyah. World Likud members are indeed active in these efforts, too.

To Ralph:
You must have been one of those kind of guys who let Amalek attack the poor and vulnerable at the back of the Israelite camp. I mean, your secure in your faith,and you haven't been effected, so why should you give a damn about the poor and vulnerable who are not so secure and lagging behind?

Missionary activity in Israel is rampant and a direct consequence of the Israel-Evangelical alliance.

I would like to suggest that any Jew who does not take a critical look at the disturbing facts on the ground is betraying his or her people.

benning said...

I think Feiglin is going a bit overboard.

Anonymous said...

benning said: "I think Feiglin is going a bit overboard."

Hallevai that he were.

Anonymous said...

i am the previous anonymous. i had no political motivations and did not expect any from the poster.

if i had seen a single example of evangelical influence accomplishing anything in israel (beyond building a few buildings in the galil and/or jerusalem), i could take this article, and feiglin's mental stability, more seriously.

(the bagatz decision that messianic jews with christian parents should be attributed to secularism on principle rather than to christian influence.)

Anonymous said...

correction of stupid mistake:

"(the bagatz decision that messianic jews with christian parents"


(the bagatz decision that messianic jews with JEWISH parents CAN MAKE ALIYAH UNDER THE LAW OF RETURN

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,
Don't balme this one on the secular community...

The bagatz decison is a direct consequence of the efforts of Messianic Pastor Attorney Calev Myers who was the lawyer on the case. Myers is the Chief Council of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice and a partner at Yehuda Raveh -one of the largest and most prestigious law firms in Israel.

In addition, Myers is the spiritual leader on one of the largest and most active messianic congregations in Israel (Shemen Sasson). He has served as Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Knesset Social Welfare Lobby and works together with numerous Knesset Members and Government Ministers.

He also has business and philanthropic partnerships in Israel with Hebrew Christian missionary Joel Rosenberg of the Joshua Project as well as the former treasurer of the ICEJ (International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem).

And Myer's mentor is Jew for Jesus Jay Sekulow the Chief Council of the the ACLJ (the American Center for Law and Justice) - Pat Robertson's organization. Sekulow was in Israel a month ago holding meetings over religious freedoms issues and trying to secure rights for the messiancic/evangelical community in Israel.

Sorry anonymous. Christian - not secular - influence is the culprit in the case. In fact, many in the secular community are very alarmed at this situation.

Perhaps that's the elusive common denominator and unifying factor for
the Jewish people. It's simple...
Jews across the political and religious spectrum don't believe in Jesus - and recoil at the very thought of him.

Seems that certain members of the Orthodox community have lost their
sensitivity on this one.

Anonymous said...

Usually bans on interactions between cultures and peoples do not work and leads to pushing relationships underground. Clearly there are millions of evangelicals around the world some of whom do not have our interest or well being at heart. That being said I assume their are some who don’t have evil motives. Wouldn't positive interaction with those groups lead to healthier and less dangerous relationships over time, and strengthen those who don’t have conversionary motives. I would suggest on issues such as world anti-Semitism and political vilification of Israel cooperation with evangelicals might be a good start.

Anonymous said...

Interactions between cultures and peoples work well when ground rules are established and understood. So before we can embark on a productive and thoughtful venture with Christian evangelists - who have as their religious tenent to evangelize -the following needs to be in place:

a) The Jews need to establish strict anti-missionary legislation, halachic guidelines and an acountable system to regulate and monitor the relationship(humanitarian,economic and political).

b) The Evangelicals need to understand that when they step into the land of Israel, their need to spread "the good news" has to be strictly curtailed - and that they have to leave their jesus at home. Very fundamental differences exist between us and those differences need not be resolved - but they do need to be respected.

I would suggest that if Israel wishes to reverse the trend of anti-Semitism and political vilification, then she should start at home by learning to present and articulate her case, and take appropriate action as a sovereign nation. Leaning on the Chritian Right has thus far caused more alienation - and has weakened us as a people and as a nation.

Hadassa DeYoung said...

Ellen, your previous comment to anonymous was extremely important. You must always stress that Jewish law, not paranoia, is always what guides us in ALL of our decisions concerning Xtianity and missionaries: Jewish law. If Jewish law forbids the presence of missionaries in Israel, then we must ban it and not even consider discussion groups with them on Israeli soil. It doesn't always matter what we "want" or "would like" to do or think would be productive.
Sorry if the abbreviation offends anyone. It's preferable not to write the name of idols if there's a readily understandable alternative. Xtians themselves have been known to the the abbreviation also so there's really no need to take offense at it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments, Hadassa.
I agree that we need to take a no-nonsense approach to this issue.

The evangelicals themselves have a very absolutist, black and white, two-dimentional view of the issues. So we stand to lose if we try and compromise with or accomodate them in a relationship.

And like you infer, when it comes to our G-d, our Torah and our faith, their is no room for compromise.

so, distance, separation and respect seems to be the formula.

Anonymous said...

"b) The Evangelicals need to understand that when they step into the land of Israel, their need to spread "the good news" has to be strictly curtailed - and that they have to leave their jesus at home"

does the same hold true for Jews visiting Christian countries? Do you have to "leave your Torah at home?"

Anonymous said...

Judaism travels well. The Torah, faith, and love and fear of G-d fit inside a Jew's head and heart. A Jew can visit a country and contribute to that country, and be a respectful, creative and productive visitor without intruding, invading, proselytizing or blatantly advertising tenants of his or her beliefs that may offend others. And by behaving in a respectful and modest manner when visiting another country, a Jew can sanctify G-d's name in this world and serve as an example.

Anonymous said...

Ellen said" "the Torah travels well". would that you would give this same consideration to Christanity. your elitism is showing

Anonymous said...

I speak from the perspective of a Torah true Jew, and not an elitist.

I notice that Hindus and other religions travel well, too.

But fundamentalist Christians, like fundamentalist Muslims sometimes tend to feel the need to share "their truth" in a rather intrusive way.