Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bad Timing: The Internet Fast

This is a really fast post. After I heartily agreed to help fill the gap while Batya is in the land of the not-really-alive Jews, I was informed by my dear Rebbetzin that she was declaring a week's internet fast in the house until Sunday. As a result I am making do with a visit to a local hot spot to do vital stuff in as little time as possible. Last night we decided that after the fast, all computers in the house go off at 10:30 PM every evening. Believe me, the quality of life at home has improved. Next week or maybe sooner I will post about Torah and media. Let's hear it for Goyisherebbetzin, a wonderful, holy and wise woman.

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yitz said...

Glad to see that you made it to the Ta'anit by 18 minutes - did you remember to light the candles?