Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two Local Events to Check Out

1) A week from today, Sunday, July 27, 24 Tammuz 5768, there will be a conference (in Hebrew) at the Inbal hotel on Judaism, Society and Internet. See .

2) Shabbat Parshat Nachamu (three weeks from now), a Shabbaton for Manhigut Yehudit in Kochav Yaakov. Below is the information copied from their e-mail which I received:
Shabbat Nachamu, 14 Menachem Av (August 8)Manhigut Yehudit Shabbaton (Hebrew)
Join Moshe Feiglin, Michael Fuah and Manhigut Yehudit members for this second annual Shabbaton and workshop. 7 lectures/workshops are planned.
Place: Kochav Yaakov
Accommodations in the caravans of the ulpana.
Price: Adult:120 NIS Child: 60NIS
Registration, payment by credit card and info:
Manhigut Yehudit office: 09 792 9046
Shaul Cohen: 052 706 0117
Elyada Yaakobson: 050 875 0895


Anonymous said...

Two books that made a very strong impact on how I now look at things I bought through Manhigut Yehudit; 'The Belief Revolution' by Moti Karpel and 'The King's Way' by Prof. Hillel Weiss. I have not voted for Likud since they joined and if elections were held today, I would almost certainly not vote for a party led by Bibi, but Feiglin and his crew deserve a lot of credit for bringing up the issue of 'Jewish Leadership' or lack of.

I've only seen one Hebrew 'op-ed' questioning the lack of religious leaders speaking out against heavily lopsided exchange of terrorists and bodies for two Jewish KIA and until now nothing in English at inn or israelinsider either. Only now do we find out that the 'Goldwassers' were not really married at all and that the whole sympathy thing of the 'agunah' was a simple 'spin' or maybe even a lie that was obviously known and not exposed.

So on these days of commemorating the disgraceful orange defeat, er, retreat at Kfar Maimon, I pray that Feiglin and Karpel's pioneering work will at least influence the orange leaders to finally lead and give strength to a new generation of true orange leaders who are zealots for God.

goyisherebbe said...

I definitely agree with your position, Josh. My wife and I support Moshe and Manhigut in the Likud primaries, but until the party includes significant representation from Manhigut they will not get our vote in the general election. After the primaries we will check the results and decide. I don't believe there is any ethical problem with this. Those who claim there is are suspected of trying to play our Jewish guilt against us. Since Gush Katif I don't let anyone jerk me around like that. As for leadership in general, I believe my generation (middle aged with adult kids) has pretty much failed and lost its relevance. It's time for our kids to carry the ball.