Friday, July 25, 2008

A Good Job For A Jewish Boy

For years I've been recommending that we encourage our kids to go into journalism, since the real power is the media. At the same time, more and more of our kids have found themselves making a career out of the IDF, the Israeli Army. It's more a matter of filling a need, the vacuum created when the trendy, children of the Left, grandchildren of the Haganah and Palmach began to look for the easy desk jobs. Growing up on "peace," they're not going to risk their lives for their country. So more religious and yishuv-raised kids have gravitated to higher and higher positions. It's more pragmatism than planning. John Lennon's "Imagine" caused "life to happen when you're making other plans."

Just like galut, the diaspora, Jews aren't in the building trade, just management. That's becoming a problem. All the heavy machinery is being controlled by Arabs, and now two Arab terror attacks were perpetrated by Arab workers on tractors.

Now, wouldn't you feel safer if Jews would enter the building trade as builders, earth-movers etc? I would.

Shabbat Shalom U'Mevorach
Have a Complete and Blessed Shabbat

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