Friday, January 11, 2013

The Snow Comes and Goes, But The Jewish People Will Last Forever!

The snow, under certain circumstances, conditions may seem very impressive, but I certainly wouldn't count on these "hardy" men for security.  I wouldn't rely on them any more than I'd rely on the promises of a politician running for office.

In the Likud campaign ads, I've been watching on television, they keep on using the clip of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu saying in English at the United States Congress or is it in the United Nations General Assembly:
"...But The Jewish People Will Last Forever!"

Yes, he's right in saying that but for the wrong reasons.  Netanyahu is not a religious G-d fearing man.  He was raised by one of the Jewish People's greatest modern historians, Professor Benzion Netanyahu Z"L.  Bibi Netanyahu professes to love studying the Jewish Bible and believes that we will out survive our present enemies, just like our ancestors outlived our ancient ones.  But as an avowed secularist, he can never fully understand why this happens.

To quote my Matan Bible teacher Dr. Yael Ziegler:
"The Bible must be seen as a book of theology."

A non-believer, no matter how otherwise knowledgeable and brilliant, cannot fully comprehend the lessons and stories of the Jewish Bible without a firm belief in G-d and that we Jews are G-d's only Chosen People.

We Jews and our HolyLand survive on G-d's Laws, not the standard "laws of nature."  Yes, G-d is the One Who created nature, but "nature" is for the rest of the world, not for us.

Those of us who truly believe in G-d have one source to go to when we have questions, and we do our very best to follow what G-d wants from us.  For those who do not believe in G-d, every question is a major challenge because advice and instructions come from very complicated and conflicting so-called "experts."  That's why so many politicians are known more for their "flip-flops" than anything else.  And here in Israel, political parties that try to offer a variety of ideologies among their MKs, Knesset Members and wannabes won't give us the true public service we need.  Yes, that's why I'm voting Otzma LeYisrael, Power to Israel in the upcoming Israeli Elections.  Eldad and Ben-Ari won't melt in the heat.


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The Snow Comes and Goes, But The Jewish People Will Last Forever!


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