Monday, January 21, 2013

No Debate, No Doubts

All here, most obviously is IMHO. You may agree or you may not agree.  Please voice your opinions in the comments, thanks, and share the post, too.
This week the Jewish People and the Land of Israel and the State of Israel lost one of its greatest patriots, idealists, Ron Nachman Mayor, ZaTza"L, Mayor and founder of Ariel and former Knesset Member.  Unlike most politicians, Ron Nachman acted on his dreams.  The City of Ariel and the Ariel University are proof of his dedication and idealism.  When the Knesset passed a law requiring politicians to be either city mayors or MKs, Nachman chose to be Mayor of Ariel rather than a Member of Knesset.  The growth of the city as an urban center, with full services for its citizens plus the Shomron (Samaria,) Binyamin District, nearby Petach Tikva, Hod Hasharon, Arab towns and cities and more is proof that Nachman was the greatest Zionist pioneer of our generation.
No doubt that this week's elections here in Israel are very interesting.  There's the saying that politics makes strange bedfellows and we can see that in the "surplus vote agreements."

Surplus Vote Agreements In accordance with Section 67(c) of the Knesset Elections Law (Consolidated Version) - 1969, the following lists running for the 19th Knesset have formed surplus vote agreements regarding the distribution of Knesset mandates:
Israel Labor Party Chaired by Shelly Yachimovich with Yesh Atid Chaired by Yair Lapid
United Torah Judaism with Shas
National Democratic Assembly with Hadash - Democratic Front for Peace and Equality
Dor Bonei Haaretz Chaired by Efraim Lapid with Tzedek Hevrati Chaired by Gad Haran
Habayit Hayehudi with Likud Yisrael Beitenu
Kadima Chaired by Shaul Mofaz with Am Shalem Chaired by Rabbi Chaim Amsallem Hatenua Chaired by Tzipi Livni with Meretz - Israel's Left

Livni is sharing with the extreme Left.  Likud and NRP-Bayit Yehudi may be faking their fights, since they are sharing votes, too.
 And I have no doubt that the best place for my vote is Otzma LeYisrael.  The Surplus vote agreement proves that a vote for Bayit Yehudi is a vote for Likud, and there's a very good chance that Netanyahu will continue with extreme Left-anti-Jewish Life in the Land of Israel Ehud Barak as Defense Minister.  So, a vote for Bayit Yehudi is a vote for the policies that have been strangling life here for Jews.  Remember that individual MKs, especially those in the coalition, have no real power in terms of policy. Even cabinet ministers are subject to strong coalition discipline.  The only MKs who can vote conscience and ideology are those in the opposition.


goyisherebbe said...

I'm also going to vote for Otzma, but I sure hope they get in, otherwise it's as if I split up my vote proportionally among all the parties that do get in, and we know who they are. We desperately need this voice crying out in the wilderness.

Israeli Pundit said...

I agree. You have to vote your conscience and don't leave out the G-factor. Hashem has a vote, too, so to speak. You can't trust that the media purposely plays down the party's chances to discourage voters.

Risa Tzohar said...

Ahem, Otzma isn't on the list so we don't know who they might have partnered with. Even so these agreements are necessary and beneficial exactly because they keep the votes from being lost.
It will be a less interesting Knesset without Aryeh if they don't get in.
However, the ideological right wing opposition didn't prevent Oslo, it didn't prevent Disengagement and it didn't prevent the building freeze or any of the other lousy stuff that has happened. So what's the point?

Batya said...

Risa, the point is that the Likud is the guilty party. And NRP-Bayit Yehudi wants to join their government.

goyish and IP, we're on the same page.

Anonymous said...

Otzma LeYisrael is partnered with Ko'ach Lehashpia. As for wasting votes, personally, I don't believe in tactical voting, but rather voting from the heart. What's the point of voting for a party that you don't really believe in so that they will get elected, when you could increase the chances of a party that you do believe in to get into the Knesset. The only thing that I can control in these elections is my vote, so at least that bit I can do right. I didn't know that Bayit Hayehudi is partnered Likud Beiteinu. I truly wish BH well but not voting for them.

Batya said...

a, I won't vote for a party that will promote policies I'm 100% against.

Hadassa said...

Goyishrebbe, are you sure about that? In at least one past election votes for parties that didn't pass the threshold were simply tossed.