Sunday, January 13, 2013

Are We Being Hoodwinked? More About the Israeli Election Campaign


Sometimes, OK, more often than that, I think that election campaigns all over the world are no more than con games by scam artists.  We really don't know what we're buying, do we?

Politicians actually sell dreams, hope, encourage us to believe the impossible, such as if the government lowers your taxes, it can give you more services. 

Israel's Left has been on the "Hope" campaign for decades.  Failed Prime Minister wannabe Tsipi Livni is at it again. Somehow she has rich backers who are financing a new party, named for her which is telling the Israeli public that they shouldn't be afraid of the hope that Tsipi can come to a non-violent peace agreement sic with the Arab terrorists who aren't shy about their ultimate aim, the destruction of the State of Israel and the banishment of Jews from The Land.  If that isn't a prime example of mind over matter, I don't know what is. That's why she tells everyone "not to fear hope."

Another of this year's Israeli Election scams is that the very veteran, traditional Ashkenaz (European) Chareidi party Agudat Yisrael aka United Torah Judaism is campaigning as a senior citizens party.  That's the main issue they focus on in the television ads.  It's a smart move, since although the typical chareidi family has many children, they are not supposed to have televisions, so they aren't being targeted.  Apparently the pre-election surveys have shown that the Israelis who do watch the television campaign are the elderly, whether secular, traditional or religious.  That's why Shas is also making a strong effort to get that vote.  At least Shas is also admitting in their ads that they are a religious party, aways including their Rabbia Ovadia Yosef in their ads. ג slurs over the fact they are chareidi.  It's hard to catch it in their ad.  And for those of us who know how they work, we know that they take care of their own first.  The chareidi neighborhoods are densely populated, crowded apartments, lower than average incomes and they need the most help from the government for their elderly.

Livni's The Movement Party and Kadima are the only ones on the Left that is strongly campaigning about security peace.  The other Left wing parties are concentrating more on economics and "social issues."  Unless I've missed something, Kadima says just to trust its leader Shaul Mofaz as a security expert and we're not told what his policy and plans actually are.

Why should we trust politicians who are willing to say anything just to get elected?


Ariel ben Yochanan said...

B"H - There are a few points here, on different levels: First off, political part-ies are illegal in Judaism, in as much as we are clearly not supposed to divide the nation. This is one. Two, we voted for Hashem under the Mount in Sinai, for all generations. Can we replace that vote with a vote for knesset, a non-Torah institution on the Land today? The answer is no, No and NO, as Jews we have to pretend our Torah institutions, the Temple on the Temple Mount in Yerushalayim, the Sanhedrin and Torah courts in every village and a king to enforce Torah Law. Knesset, its elections and its man-made-laws are irrelevant: Let's show support to Hashem, to our G-d, and abstain from the vote for the arrogant.

Alan said...

>> Somehow she [Tsipi Livni] has rich backers

Not "somehow". It's just wealthy guys making an measured-risk investment. The history of "socialism" in Israel is actually a history of "crony capitalism". That's why native Israelis have always had a much less starry-eyed, sing-Kumbaya-around-the-campfire view of the kibbutz movement than dumb foreigners.

Chances are these same industrialist guys also give money to other candidates. Hedging their risk.

> That's why she tells everyone "not to fear hope."

Or maybe it's because it worked so well for Obama - twice. Israelis love to copy America. Even down to the obese children... singing bad rap music.

Batya said...

Ariel, in this world we must vote as our "hishtadlut" to change things for the better.
Alan, do you really think so?

in the vanguard said...

I know nothing at all about the election process of Israel. But this take note of: The American election of 2012 that the present regime won - was NOT won - it was stolen - by fraud!!

Batya said...

van, yes, I heard about that. Israelis can't understand how Americans don't need photo ID's to vote.

Alan said...

Those of us who are dober-ivrit will be able to look at the Youtubes of the Lahakat he-khayal-haYam from the 1970s..... and compare them to the same group of the 2012 edition. Those 2012 soldiers aren't "chubby", they're badly overweight.

Batya said...

Alan, interesting. Israelis eat lots more junk nowadays for sure.