Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An Election Day Prayer

Please G-d Almighty, who has given us weak, foolish humans the gift and responsibility of free will, bend His rules just a bit and give extra doses of wisdom to those we vote into the office of Knesset Member.  Because these a hundred and twenty 120 poor humans will be entrusted with making decisions, proposing laws and voting for the laws and office holders who will control the State of Israel.  One of those one hundred and twenty will be our Prime Minister.  That person will need the wisdom and strength only Our Almighty G-d has; so please in Your Great Knowledge and Love for Your Jewish People help us to become strong and not weak and more damaged.

I wish my Hebrew was good enough to translate this.

All of us who vote are hoping and praying that we've made the right decision.  It's not always an easy one.  I'm supporting a party, עוצמה לישראל - יחד נעשה זאת בגדול! Otzma LeYisrael, which has been suffering from the effects of a negative campaign.  That means that competing parties keep on saying that we haven't a chance to get into the Knesset, so it's not worth voting for it.  Personally I disagree.  That campaign may cause it not to get it, because a number of people will use that reason to vote for a different party. It wouldn't make all that much of a difference if, like the Leftist parties, there were a few with the same basic ideology.  The truth is that there is only one party with a strong ideology that isn't planning to make a deal with the incoming Prime Minister, most likely Likud's Binyamin Netanyahu. 

Once a party is in the coalition it is subject to coalition discipline.  The MKs are supposed to vote with the government on crucial issues even if it means voting against conscience, party platform and ideology.

Maybe I should have a "plan," not a pledge/oath, but a plan.  That plan would be to try to write in Hebrew, to start a blog in Hebrew and send letters in Hebrew about my political thoughts.  The question is whether anyone would read it. What do you think?

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