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Monday, January 28, 2013

Israel, Storms From The North on The Horizon

Israeli politicians are relieved that there has been quiet from the South, but we have three enemy fronts.  There's also the north, a double-headed monster, Syria-Lebanon.  And we should never forget that our super long border on the east can never be relied on, since there are Arab terrorists even in Israel, Judea, Samaria, Jordan Valley and Jordan.

There has been violence in Syria for months, and there are suspicions that it will spill over into Israel, G-d forbid.

Israel Girds for Attacks as Syria Falls Apart

Goran Tomasevic/Reuters
A building burned in Damascus after a Syrian Air Force strike on Sunday. As the chaos worsened, Israel deployed one of its Iron Dome missile defense batteries.

Is this article to prepare us?

Right now our Israeli politicians are busy with their coalition game, which combines chess and poker.

And I wouldn't count on any foreigners, whether United States, Europe or the United Nations to assist us.  There's a rare diplomat or media figure who really cares about Israel's security and future.  Honestly, it doesn't matter what they claim.  Their "love" can be fatal.

UN Special Rapporteur, Richard Falk, has comparing Hamas terrorists to fighters with the French resistance during the Holocaust. (complete article)

If you asks Falk if he wants the destruction of Israel, what would he say?  Would he admit that his support of the terrorists is the support for the destruction of the State of Israel?

I hope someone's minding the store.  An Iron Dome isn't enough. It's just a band-aid, a bit better than the plastic bags I saw on the heads of people in Phoenix trying to protect themselves from the rain.


MAOZ said...

"...we have three enemy fronts" -- Don't forget one more -- the fifth-columnists in our midst.

Shiloh said...

Batya, read some of these articles if you want to see how difficult the situation has become.


Anonymous said...

Shiloh-the author of that conspiracy blog should probably get back on his/her meds

Batya said...

MAOZ good point

Anonymous said...

Read What Rabbi Lazer Brody has to say

Tuesday, 29 January 2013
Hashem Fights the Wars
Look what we read in this past week's Torah portion, Beshalach:

Hashem shall fight the war for you, and you shall remain silent (Exodus 14:14).

Interesting, the above passage is Exodus, chapter 14, verse 14. 14 is the numerical value of the Hebrew word for "hand" - yad. And, 28 (2x14) is the numerical value of the Hebrew word for "power" - koach.

To this day, Hashem's mighty hand is fighting the war for us. So isn't it logical that the Israeli Government shouldn't bite the hand that not only feeds us, but fights for us too? Once again, that's Hashem's hand.

Throughout modern Israeli history, every time the government attempted to disrupt Torah learning, war broke out. Hashem seems to be saying, "Oh, you politicians have time to meddle with My Torah learners, I'll send some enemy to meddle with you and to keep you busy." But non-emuna eyes are blind, so they fail to see the connection.

The recent Gaza hostilities and the GRAD missiles that reached as far as Tel Aviv came right after all the populist gab of drafting Yeshiva boys. And now, as Bibi dreams of his secular honeymoon with Lapid and a Haredi-less Israeli government, the threat of war in the north amid the chaos in Syria is mounting every minute, and chemical weapons of mass destruction are about to fall into the hands of either Jihadi Sunnis or Hizbulla Shiites. Tension is very high here now. Only a blind man or a fool can't connect the dots.

For years, I've been an active supporter of the Nachal Haredi. Emuna Outreach has been fighting in every possible way for Haredim to receive the necessary conditions they need to serve, such as glatt-kosher food and time for prayers and Torah. I vehemently oppose Haredi draft dodging, and if it were up to me, any young man who is not learning Torah would be doing either national civil service or military service, immediately. But Heaven forbid if one serious young man is yanked away from his Gemara.

What, do you think that Hamas doesn't know how to direct their rocket fire? Is the IDF responsible for all the missiles that fell in parking lots between high-rise buildings, and not on the high-rises themselves? No, that's the power of Torah.

I'd suggest that the government focus its animosity on our enemies, and not on our spiritual front line of defense. If we want Hashem to continue fighting for us, then we cannot lay down any of our own weapons, military and spiritual. Reducing Torah learning is not a shot in the foot, it's a shot in the soul. The only thing worse than a dead body is a dead soul. It's time to strengthen Torah, not to weaken it.

Anonymous said...

the sages says, it always darkest before the dawn. may all these be the happenings before the arrival of the mosiach. its said mosiach ben yosef will come first. we dont know if this elections is part of that big plan, only Hashem Knows. May it be always good for israel. the rebbe used to say, if one hopes, there is still that niggling doubt, it may not happen, but when one TRUSTS, (in Hashem absolutely) nothing will go wrong. G-d bless israel.

Batya said...

a, amen

Shy Guy said...

Anonymous said...

Throughout modern Israeli history, every time the government attempted to disrupt Torah learning, war broke out.

Care to document this claim?