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Friday, January 25, 2013

Elections are Just a Distraction, G-d is in Control

Elections are Just a Distraction, G-d is in Control-- think about it very seriously.  So many times the pundits are wrong.  All of us see the same "facts" and make the wrong predictions.

Anyone of any religion with a minimum of faith, knows that there are things totally out of our control.

Elections are a distraction, sort of like the chest breathing and hand/feet contractions I remember learning about in reading a Lamaze childbirth book.  As the mother of five, all "natural" births, I can attest to the fact that by concentrating on a different part of the body, not the area of the strongly and painfully contracting uterus, I felt better and in control.

Democracy, elections, politics all distract us from what is really happening.  The story of mankind is thousands of years old, especially for those of us who follow the Bible.  In the Bible we also read of democracy, elections, politics and lots of sinning.  There was never a time in history when all people were righteous and good.  Even in Jewish history, such a condition lasted only seconds, when the entire people pledged obedience to G-d at Mount Sinai.  Soon after, they were sinning again.

It's the nature of man to abuse free will.  Life is a moral struggle.

There's the "hype" that politician "a" or "b" can make it all better.  None of it's true.  Each of us must do our best to overcome our weaknesses and obey G-d.  All the politics and elections are toys/tools G-d has given us to learn how.


10rainbow said...

very true batya. we think we voted for 'a' or 'b' but actually while we still have free will, its Hashem Who moves on the chess board. not a second goes when He is not in control. it seems a long long wait for the mosiach and for us gentiles to have israel as the light to all nations. perhaps both is happening but pains and hurts dont make us see it clearly. G-d bless.

Anonymous said...

That is kinda along the same vain of what I was getting at when I said in an earlier comment that maybe we are putting too much stock in the election

Batya said...

Yes, that's why we should just vote and accept the results and keep on trying to improve things.

Shy Guy said...

There are consequence to Bechira, both at the individual and national level.

The Torah's lessons to us have an IF-THEN-ELSE consequence, both for good and for bad.

So while Hashem moves the chess pieces, it is often according to where we want to go - and that's not looking too well, lately.