Friday, January 18, 2013

Likud and Bayit Yehudi (NRP) Voters, Listen Carefully

I've included the NRP-Bayit Yehudi along with Likud here, because it seems pretty clear that Naftali Bennett and the NRP veterans will jump through fiery hoops to make an agreement with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to join his new ruling coalition after next week's elections.

In this Jerusalem Post article, Netanyahu explains his priorities in terms of what Jewish Land he's willing to give to the Arabs and how many Jews he deems acceptable to lose their homes, communities etc.
As he sought to stop voters leaving Likud Beytenu for Naftali Bennett’s Bayit Yehudi party on his right, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told The Jerusalem Post this week that a “real and fair” accord with the Palestinians cannot include driving masses of Jews from their homes in settlement blocs beyond the Green Line.
“I think that there is recognition that ultimately there has to be a real and fair solution, and that certainly doesn’t include driving out hundreds of thousands of Jews who live in the suburbs of Jerusalem, and in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, in the Ariel bloc,” Netanyahu said in an interview in his Jerusalem office.
Remember! Any party that discusses what to give and what not to give the Arabs is like the story of George Bernard Shaw or someone and the prostitute:
As in the story of a conversation between a very sophisticated gentleman and a very respectable lady at a party. They are talking about prostitution, “Well,” says the gentleman, “just for the sake of our argument, suppose I offered you $1000—would you spend the night with me?” The lady, smiling coquettishly: “Who knows—I might very well!” The gentleman: “Now suppose I offer you $10 for the night?” The lady: “But what do you think I am?” The gentleman: “We’ve already established what you are. Now we’re just haggling over the price.”

Netanyahu and his cabinet/coalition members have a price, too.

  • Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has never in recent years denied that he's willing to help the Arabs establish a state in the Land Israel liberated in the 1967 Six Days War. 
  • Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu  has never denied that Jewish communities, schools, businesses, homes etc will be destroyed in order to give the Arabs a new state.
  • Any political party that plans on joining that coalition must accept such a policy!
So, simply put, considering that Naftali Bennett's NRP-Bayit Yehudi has been campaigning that they will be part of the new government's coalition, I'd beware of voting for them.  Bibi is not new to politics, and he's not new to the position of Prime Minister.  we can easily see how he works.  He does not poll his MKs nor coalition partners before making policy decisions!  The members of the cabinet, and even the MKs from the Likud will have no say in Netanyahu's policies.  That's why I will vote for neither party.

I will only vote for a party that is not willing to be bought.  I will only vote for a party that is willing to fight from the opposition for the security of our state and the rights of Jews to live in the Land of Israel. I'm voting נץ Otzma LeYisrael.


Anonymous said...


Israeli Pundit said...

Me, too!

Shelly said...

I also see Otzma as the only ones truly representing my position. But on a practical level... at the moment they're only pulling at 2 seats, the minimum to get in. What if they don't get in? Then it's a wasted vote, and even if they get in with 2 or 3 seats, can they actually accomplish anything with so few representatives? Or are the votes still lost? I still haven't made a final decision.

Hadassa said...

Is a vote for Likud/Beiteinu or Jewish Home not wasted?
Small parties can make a big difference and once they're in people who didn't vote for them for fear of wasting a vote will vote for them in the next election.

Batya said...

Shelly, if all of the people afraid to vote Otzma, because of the "maybe" do vote for it, it'll get 4-5 seats easily.

Amihai said...

someone else already said all this before, that speaking about what to give, what to negotiate only hurt us.
Look here :

Anonymous said...

To Shelly, I say vote with your heart and let Hashem do the rest. I don't know what the outcome of the elections will be, not just the vote, but all the post-elections games either, but I know that Otzma LeYisrael speaks the truth uncompromisingly and even with just one Knesset seat, they will still have the Power of One.


Whatever happens I don't see my vote as being wasted because I am voting from my heart. Hashem decides the outcome.

Shy Guy said...

Hadassa said...

Is a vote for Likud/Beiteinu or Jewish Home not wasted?


It's unbelievable how so many people have it backwards.

You will accomplish zippo/zilch/nada/gernicht by voting for anyone who will shout and his from the opposition rafters. Similarly, you will hold no sway over Netanyahu by voting for Bayit Yehudi - just the opposite - as Batya is writing here and I have been warning so many friends about Bennet=Hershkowitz for such a long time.

If you wish to attempt to tame Netanyahu, you will need to hold your nose or vomit and vote for the Likud, as disgusting as that may seem to be.

Do the math.

NormanF said...

Shy Guy,

Yup. Batya's view illustrates how self-defeating some on the Religious Zionist Right are in Israel. When you insist on being ideologically pure, you end up with nothing!

It will take years to reverse the Oslo damage and apart from Netanyahu the Likud has many fine candidates opposed to an Arab state who will be elected as well as from Bayit Yehudi. The key is to elect as many people who love the Land Of Israel to the Knesset where they will have some influence on the government's direction.

Batya and her fellow voters can vote for a fringe party but they are deluding themselves that it will have any effect on public discourse in Israel. In the opposition, you can make all kinds of nice speeches but they have no effect on what the government does.

We all want a strong Land Of Israel bloc in the Knesset. The more people favorable to such views that win in the Likud, the more the party will move in the direction we all want. Moshe Feiglin is correct: a sectoral party will accomplish nothing and end up wasting votes.

The last time the Right was divided, it lost and Israel received the devil's bargain of Oslo! Let's not repeat that fiasco again.

Batya said...

Norman, Shy, as the joke goes, the laws of nature work differnetly in Israel, and so does the math. This isn't the USA. Here the opposition can be very powerful and we need an opposition on the Right.

Hadassa said...

A vote for Likud in order to put the "good guys" into office puts far too many "bad guys" into office along with them.

Batya said...

Hadassa, yes, and even good poeple can do little more than talk, since there's a bad boss holding the strings.

goyisherebbe said...

I am going to vote for Otzma, BUT it is important to realize that Bibi is not evil. He desperately wants to be forced not to do things he feels he is currently being forced to do. Both the Bayit Yehudi will have a part in forcing Bibi to stop taking down communities and take care of other Jewish interests in Israel. The new Knesset will have a multi-party collection of maybe 40 (!) religious and more traditional MKs, an all-time high. The coalition and the right-wing opposition will all have their jobs to do. There will be a lot of free votes that will not require coalition discipline in which Otzma will vote with all those other members of the 40+. The more traditional MKs without kippot will support the right/religious on many issues because they need to work with them. But Bennett and his team and Feiglin and Hotoveli and others in the Likud will have to deliver. The people of Israel will be watching them. Don't forget that next election the percentage of "our" voters will be demographically even higher as the decline and fall of America goes on and its ability to pressure Israel gets less and less.

Shy Guy said...

Batya said...

Hadassa, yes, and even good poeple can do little more than talk, since there's a bad boss holding the strings.


This very same logic holds even more true for Hadassa's and your voting for Otzma.

But, of course, math doesn't work in the land of Hashem.


Is this mental block a women thing? I'm really beginning to wonder.

Hadassa said...

I took Linear Algebra in high school, and did very well. I assume that the same mathematical rules apply in Israel. Neither the Likud nor Jewish Home add up to a suitable solution.

Batya said...

Hadassa, you're my girl
and I'm a CPA's daughter.
shy, nu? Maybe your math is faulty.

Shy Guy said...

Hadassa, I had a 95 average in HS algebra.

Assuming the Likud leads the government.

Netanyahu will form a coalition. If a leftist coalition, Bayit Yehudi will be on left on the sidelines. In a left coalition, who is left in place to have any potential to influence the Likud? The answer is the Likud.

If Netanyahu forms a right/religious coalition, mark my words - and Batya's - that you will see Bennet turn into Hershkowitz II, who was of zero positive influence on the Likud. Here, too, the best place to attempt to influence the Likud is from within the Likud.

Batya, for years I have been reviewing my own firm's annual accounting before it's submitted to a CPA. The adjustment our accountants make to our records after I'm through with them are minor.

I have shown the math and the simple logic over and over. Nothing has changed in my algorithms.

Your algorithm is math doesn't work in Eretz Yisrael. You haven't explained why my math is faulty. You're only fooling yourself.

But go ahead. Vote with your good heart - but you'll lose. We'll all lose.

Hadassa said...

I don't vote with my heart, and never have. Look at what the Likud has done over the past few decades. Do we want more of that? They have been moving steadily, and sometimes with great leaps, to the Left. Pay attention to what the NRP and many of the other in Jewish Home have been doing and saying. Do we want more knuckling under to the Likud? If everyone in Jewish Home was like Uri Ariel, I'd probably vote for them, but he alone can't save the party. Otzma L'Yisrael isn't perfect, but it's the best we have.

Hadassa said...

I should have mentioned that even with the new "hawks" such as Hotoveli the Likud is moving to the Left.

Batya said...

Hadassa, sadly true.
Shy, who brought us the Yamit destruction and Sinai withdrawal?
Shy, who brought us Disengagement?
Simple math, like 1+1=2