Monday, January 7, 2013

Moshe Feiglin, Booed at The Solidarity Contest

Yes, he was!  Moshe Feiglin was booed!!

No it wasn't when he said he'd offer each Arab family a half million, $500,000 to leave.  That's when people stared in disbelief. 

And Feiglin's bragging that he had been arrested just that morning on the Temple Mount for bowing in prayer got a "big deal" reaction.

It was a bit earlier in his speech, when Moshe Feiglin, long-time Likud wannabe, put his foot in it and really looked and sounded young and dumb.

He began telling what could have had been a good story, if he had started it right.  He told us that he had gotten a letter from an אשה מבוגרתת isha mevugeret, "old woman."  It would have had been OK if he hadn't added,  "in her seventies or sixties."  That hit most of the audience in the wrong place, since most, or a very sizable percentage of us are in that very age bracket, and we don't consider ourselves "old."

This can be considered just a stupid slip of the tongue, but considering his history of claiming he will take over the Likud, and all the money he has collected and wasted in this quest, I think he lost some more support.

I'd consider this beyond foolish and immature.  It's certainly not wise for a person who wants to be considered a politician with a future, a future leader.  I suggest that his followers think harder.  Feiglin won't deliver.  Believe me!


Shy Guy said...

Misery love company. Then we'll all fail together. I hope you'll be happy!

BTW, I think this piece of yours is way over the Loshon Hara border.

Alan said...

Shy, once again you're exactly wrong. She didn't attack him personally in any way, shape, or form.

Now, if you said that she's not correctly positioned to accurately KNOW or accurately ESTIMATE what a base-constituency Likudnik would think of the guy.... then you'd have a point.

For example, she's not a פרחה: she doesn't dye her hair blond; and she doesn't consider a see-through to be a suitable wedding gown

She's not one of the סחים: she'd rather debate with Peter Beinart than to get drunk on Maccabi beer while grilling meat.

Shy: to know the rat, you must be a rat. You go whoring with me sometime in Thailand; I'll introduce you to Likud core voters.

Anonymous said...

i am a noahide. i tend to agree with Shy. i dont think any jew should call other jews names. it does not matter if we like them, or support them. finally, only Hashem's choice will prevail. the saddest thing i find among some jews is the way they run down each other, so typical of gentile behaviour. even the greatest of sages, like the chofetz chaim and others before him, shivered to speak or even think ill of a fellow jew. when we read statements like this, we wonder, why the jews behave no different from us.?
The chofetz chaim said:
even zealous hate is a bad thing, for those who become accustomed to hating others for a good reason soon begin hating others for no reason at all. and the Holy Rava taught, A man should never judge neither his friend nor his enemy; Not his friend because he does not see his demerits, and not his enemy because he does not see his merits.
one of the reasons why i left xtianity was the way they condemn everyone, except those who believe in jesus. i found my orthodox rabbis teaching the jewish laws, which are so complete and so inspiring, that one knows it could only come from G-d. When Hashem Himself does not condemn His children, why should His children condemn one another.
just my humble view .

Batya said...

Shy, Rainbow,
"sounded young and dumb"
"this beyond foolish and immature"

That's what I wrote, not even directly labeling Feiglin with the words. A person in public life must be open to the fact that he/she will be subject to examination. These adjectives aren't "names."

Alan, what are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a tough crowd. Feiglin is the best chance that Israel has at having a strong leader in the next decade.

Batya said...

Sorry, a, Feiglin's a false moshiach. Don't count on him.