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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Obama Doesn't Know Bupkes About Israel's "Best Interests"

In every sing way, Obama's obnoxious recent statement claiming that he knows more about what Israel's "best interests" are than Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu just proves how utterly incompetent, ignorant and immature the United States President Barack Hussein Obama truly is.
In the weeks after the UN vote, Obama said privately and repeatedly, “Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.” As reported by Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg News

Granted, I'm not Netanyahu's greatest fan when it comes to Israeli politics, but if you were to give a history, geography, political science  test about Israel and Arabs to both Netanyahu and Obama, there's no way Obama could do half as well as Netanyahu.  Obama would have trouble finding tutors that could match Bibi's basic knowledge, the facts he can pull out of his head without extra preparation.  I've heard him speak off the cuff.

Please don't forget that Netanyahu is 63 and Obama just  52.
Benjamin Netanyahu - soldier, diplomat and the ninth Prime Minister of the State of Israel - was born in Tel Aviv in 1949 and grew up in Jerusalem. He spent his adolescent years in the United States, where his father - a noted historian - taught Jewish history.
He was discharged from the IDF after six years with the rank of captain. Netanyahu then studied at MIT in Boston and received a B.Sc. in architecture and an M.Sc. in Management Studies. He also studied political science at MIT and Harvard University. In 1976 he was employed by the Boston Consulting Group. (MFA)
Obama's education has been subject to questions, but he did attend a variety of schools.
After the high school years, Barack Obama studied for 2 years at Occidental College, before transferring to Columbia College - an undergraduate division of Columbia University. There he majored in political science, with a specialization in international relations. Upon graduation in 1983, Obama worked for 1 year at Business International Corporation before he moved to Chicago to a job with a non-profit organization local churches organize job training programs for residents of poor neighborhoods.
After having finished this job Obama then left Chicago for 3 years to study at Harvard Law School. During his stay here he was elected president of the Harvard Law Review. In 1991. (credit)
Back to the real issue here.
  1. Is this statement and article published at this time, just before Israeli Elections a ploy by the American anti-Netanyahu people to interfere with the elections?
  2. Is it possible that Obama knows more about Israeli "interests" than Netanyahu?
  1. Considering how the Left are excitedly quoting Obama in their campaigns, he's definitely  interfering: Hatnua Chairwoman Tzipi Livni jumped on Obama's comments Tuesday, saying that "You can love the US president or not, but the relationship with the US is important to us and part of our deterrence-related capabilities," YNet News reported.
  2. Obama is no expert in terms of Israel's interest, and nobody can convince me otherwise!


Alan said...

We don't know what Obama said. We know what Jeffrey Goldberg wrote about what he claims that Obama told him. Jeffrey Goldberg does these ourageous things every once in a while for the same reason that Jesse Jackson gets himself arrested once or twice per year: to stay in the circle of folks who can make draw speaker's fees and authorship fees by being hated by many. It's really the same reason that 50-something year old Madonna makes sure to occassionally get photographed without underwear. Fame is a game played by people who have gotten used to maintaining an upper-class lifestyle. Politics is 80% show biz, dear. Sorry to be the one to break the news to you.

Alan said...

Unless you believe that Sara Netanyahu ACCIDENTLY got photographed joining hubby & kiddo in a snowball fight just like, you know, all the other Israeli wives who send their hubby to work with lunch in a brown bag (sealed with a kiss) 6 mornings a week.

Batya said...

Alan, so you don't think Obama has been saying this?

Alan said...

>> Alan, so you don't think Obama has been saying this

Batya, do you think that the Netanyahu's had a snowball fight for the sake of family togetherness?

I don't think its important what politicians say. Politics is show biz. The script is of secondary or tertiary significance.

Batya said...

Alan, no connection between the two. All campaigns have those photo-ops. The Israeli media is taking that interview very seriously, even saying that Obama may actually be "missbehaving." And Obama's antipathy to Israel and Bibi isn't new at all, which is very serious.