Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Peace Negotitations," An Oxymoron?

Hat tip:IMRA for the survey that I'll be quoting from

One of the main dividing lines between Israel's Left and Right is the belief in "Peace Negotiations." 

Can a true peace be negotiated between Israel and the enemy Arab terrorists?

Last night's "The Tsippi Livni Movement's" TV election broadcast theme was that we can make peace by negotiating with the Arabs if she is elected Prime Minister.  Sorry, but it's in Hebrew only, but you can get the gist of it just from the pictures and sound.

Of course, her campaign ignores history and the fact that in Israel you vote for party lists, not Prime Minister candidates. To be Prime Minister, one must be able to put together a coalition of parties with a total number of Knesset Members over sixty, since the Knesset has one hundred and twenty 120.  After the previous elections, when Livni's Kadima won the most seats, she still couldn't get enough MK's to support her. So this time, when she's publicly fighting with the other Left, and Left-Center parties, she hasn't a chance in hell, to put it mildly. But obviously, she has some wealthy backers, and that's why she has returned to politics.  I suspect her backers are based abroad, meaning that she is fronting foreign interests, which isn't very patriotic or good for the State of Israel.

IMRA posts the monthly Peace Index, which polls Israelis about their/our opinions. I have a problem with them and many other polls, since they ignore Otzma LeYisrael while listing the various Leftist parties.
Negotiations Index: General sample 49.0; Jewish sample 47.2.
Graph of the month: Support for a two-state solution by voting intentions
(% of Jewish sample)
Graph of the month: Support for a two-state solution by voting intentions

The Peace Index is a project of the Evens Program in Mediation and Conflict Resolution at Tel Aviv University and the Israel Democracy Institute. This month's survey was conducted by telephone from December 31, 2012 to January 2, 2013, by the Dahaf Institute. The survey included 601 respondents, who constitute a representative sample of the adult population of Israel. The measurement error for a sample of this size is 4.5%; statistical processing was done by Ms. Yasmin Alkalay.

G-d willing, Otzma LeYisrael will surprise the pundits and get in comfortably.

According to a poll IMRA has posted, two-thirds 2/3 of Israelis don't consider Israel at fault for failed negotiations with the Arabs, which means that they think that Tsippi hasn't a clue and shouldn't be entrusted with any responsibilities re:"peace negotiations."
7. Some claim that no matter which of the large parties wins in the
upcoming elections, the peace process with the Palestinians is at a
standstill for reasons that have nothing to do with Israel and there is no
chance of progress in the foreseeable future
. Do you agree or disagree with
this claim?
1. Strongly agree 33.4
2. Moderately agree 33.3

3. Moderately disagree 18.2
4. Strongly disagree? 12.2
5. Don’t know / Refuse to answer 2.9

Emphasis mine in that quoted section.  Add up the numbers and you get an easy two-thirds of the population having no faith in the "peace process," which means negotiations with the Arab terrorists.   IMHO, the term "peace negotiations" is an oxymoron, and I think most Israelis agree with me.


Dr. Aaron Lerner said...

The poll also found that the overwhelming majority of Israelis want negotiations.Conclusion: Israelis see engaging in talks as serving a function other than reaching an agreement. This is something that cries out for some serious polling in order to identify what these "functions" are in the eyes of the Israeli public.

Batya said...

Dr. Lerner, as you know well, most good polls ask the same questions in many different ways, because people lie to themselves.