Monday, January 7, 2013

Bennett Admits That He's Backing Bibi, So, A Vote for Bayit Yehudi aka NRP is a Vote for Likud

Bennett stands by Netanyahu, says Left can't form alternative bloc

Photo credit: Yossi Zeliger
Habayit Hayehudi chairman: "I worked for Netanyahu, and his heart is in the right place ... He wants to do good, and he needs strong, ethical people by his side to guarantee that he remains steadfast."
Nu, I'm not exaggerating at all.  Naftali Bennett said it, not me.  I'm just trying to warn you:

A Vote for Bayit Yehudi aka NRP is a Vote for Likud
Yes, there are some very good dedicated people on that NRP list, but the leaders of the party want to continue the historic role of the NRP National Religious Party and that is to be part of the ruling coalition.

More on what Bennett said:
"These last few days, many people have spoken about extremism in Habayit Hayehudi, and Likud MKs are the instigators of such discourse. I believe that we are a real centrist party. Likud has deviated to the left," Bennett said.
Despite Bennett's criticism of Netanyahu, the Habayit Hayehudi chairman said his party would back the incumbent prime minister's ongoing premiership following the elections.
Bennett — who opposes the creation of a Palestinian state — refused to comment on whether he would agree to future peace negotiations between Jerusalem and the Palestinian government.
"I intend to be one of Netanyahu's reliable partners, but I don't want to cross any red lines right now," he said.
Think about it.

In the Israeli political system, when you have a large party with a variety of opinions among the MK's then the party leader is more apt to ignore his/her internal opposition.  The Bayit Yehudi/NRP has become such a party.  They even have non-religious candidates who have a very different agenda from the old stalwarts.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has the talents to be a  great poker player, or chess player.  Those are games you play without a team.  You can't trust anyone else.  You can't consult.  If anyone, and that includes Bennett, thinks that Bibi will ask his advice about the important issues, he's wrong.  He should know better than that.

These past four years Netanyahu allowed Ehud Barak, whose policies are the opposite of most Likud members and voters, rule Jewish life in Judea and Samaria.  It was/is Barak's signature that is missing on documents that would make all sorts of homes and neighborhoods and communities 100% legal and approved.  It was Ehud Barak, as Bibi's Defense Minister, who had Jewish homes and Jewish communities destroyed.  Bibi gave him full leeway.  And Bayit Yehudi aka NRP was in that very same government coalition.  Could they stop it?  NO!  And could the pro-Jewish life in Judea/Samaria Likud MK's stop it? NO!

Don't be delusional, please.

Politics isn't simple democracy. 

That's why I'm voting נץ Otzma LeYisrael!  We need Knesset Member who are willing to fight for what's right/Right and aren't planning their cabinet portfolio.


Yoni said...

You are 100% right!!

Neshama said...

But I doubt there will be any party with more seats than Likud, and therefore the ikkar is who will be the coalition partner(s). I don't see any person in any of the other parties that can produce a spokesman (international leader) with the stature and intelligence of the Prime Minister. Therefore, Israel desperately needs a coalition partner to give Bibi a backbone!