Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Romney's No Messiah

Again Israelis are searching for salvation from a non-Jew.  Headlines and pundits are repeating ad nauseum  all sorts of statements that Mitt Romney, the most likely to be the Republican Presidential candidate of the United States of America. 

Not long ago, Israel was all excited by Mike Huckabee and then Glenn Beck; that is except for me.  I don't look for my salvation in non-Jews and foreigners. Both Romney and Huckabee fit both those categories.  Romney and Bibi may be old friends, so if he's elected US President, there won't be that obvious antipathy that is so clear when Obama is with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.  But there's no guarantee that as President, Romney will promote his platform.

Don't forget that Romney is an American. He won't "out-pope the pope," be more to the Israeli Right than the Likud. He's for the "two state solution," hasn't condemned the idea that we Jews can't live and build in Judea and Samaria etc.  Contrary to what Obama's staff is spouting, there's nothing unusual in Romney's statements affirming Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  Almost if not all US Presidential hopefuls say it and promise that they'll be moving the USA Embassy to Jerusalem.  It's like some sort of meaningless mantra.  I've stopped listening to those promises.  They are totally meaningless, a real farce.  And every single time a wannabe says the words, the Israeli public gets all excited as if the Americans will really  do it.

The only ones to choose a country's capital are those running that country and the citizens.  No other country is treated the way Israeli is.  We are not respected as an independent country.  And the worst thing is that Israel doesn't condemn all those countries.  At least if we would davka locate our embassies in the cities of our choice and not the capitals. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, nu?

Please don't get me wrong; I don't want Obama to be re-elected.  I don't think he's doing his job well and still wonder who he really is and who planted him in politics.  But I haven't forgotten that both Obama and Romney (as it seems) will be running against each other for the Presidency of the United States, not of Israel. 

Israel is an independent country.  We aren't ruled by America, at least we shouldn't be.  And that's up to us, to all Israelis.  America will stop the pressure when we close the hatch.  It's up to us.  Romney, even if elected, won't be able to help us. 

Let's stop this pathetic dependence on others.  We have a G-d and G-d's Laws.  The Bible, especially the Torah, is full of very sensible instructions and example after example of how G-d is connected to all that happens.  And the more I've learned in my Bible studies the more I see that only with G-d's help will we be victorious.


Jesterhead45 said...

I totally agree with you, even if others are still hoping for a latter-day western Cyrus to permit them to realise the Jewish redemptive vision.

One thing that bothers me is the fact that pretty much all Jewish leaders / establishment both Israeli and outside of Israel appear to be well-entrenched treacherous sell-outs to foreign powers / interests who cannot be trusted to represent Jewish / Israeli interests, while many of us turn to G-d waiting for a true uncompromisingly Jewish leader to arise and unite behind.

Granted there are those who argue that a people get the leadership / establishment they deserve yet for those of us who genuinely believe we deserve lot better than what currently passes for Jewish leaders in the world, what can one really do to demonstrate to G-d that we are have truly had enough of being consistently led by unworthy leaders / establishment that are not aligned to him?

Leah said...

The other thing, too, is that we are so far along and close to the geulah that even though the elections matter, they matter only somewhat. Our real reliance should be in Hashem- not on the legs of man do I rely.
In my opinion, vote for whom is the best for Israel, do your best to be a Torah true Jew and daven that Hashem should guide us to be better Jews and we should adhere to that. No, I don't mean to sound overly simplistic or high and mighty, I am just tired of the reliance on humans for the do all tell and end all. We fail as humans and politicians are notorious for talking out of both sides of their mouth. Then we get all shocked when they do the opposite of what their campaign platform was.
I am not thrilled about either candidate. Obama will clearly not get my vote, yet I am cautiously casting my vote for the conservative and praying to Hashem to take us out of this galus. I have my work to do....improve in my relationships, work on my character etc.......

Miriam said...

Batya..Fantastic post! The moment we [Israel]start relying on outside sources,[the Americans] to do our bidding and decide our borders is the moment that G-D forbid Israel will be in severe trouble.

Hashem gave us our land and it is up to us to protect it and to follow His laws. May Hashem's Hand guide our politicians to make the correct decisions.

The world wants us to disappear and they certainly don't want to see an undivided Jerusalem as our capital city, even though Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over 3000 years.

I would like to see a letter campaign to the Prime Ministers and Presidents of the country that we made Aliyah from demanding that the leader announce that an undivided Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and to move their embassy to Jerusalem.

I wrote to the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper and yesterday I posted my letter on Miriam's Words http://miriamswords.blogspot.co.il/2012/07/which-country-will-blink-first.html


Batya said...

Jester, we must get stronger to make new leadership. It is up to us.

Miriam, Hadassa, we're all on the same team, thanks

goyisherebbe said...

Jester, you mentioned Cyrus. Cyrus was about the best foreign ruler you expect. In fact the prophet Isaiah called him "mashiach"! He did give permission and support for the Jews to return to our homeland and rebuild the Beit Hamikdash. But he was very careful. The Babylonians had either killed or taken into captivity all of the descendents of the House of David. Cyrus sent Zerubavel, a descendent of David, to be governor with a mandate to rebuild the Mikdash. But he had a long tether attached to him. He was rotated back after a few years and replaced by Nechemiah who was not from David. Cyrus was not going to let Davidic descent go to anyone's head and let him announce himself to be King of Israel. Israel stays in the Persian Empire and that's it. America is the same way.

Jesterhead45 said...


I am aware that we need to get stronger to make new leadership, yet what if there is no way to acheive such an end through peaceful political means?

After all, I cited the fact that the current crop of sell-out leadership / establishment are well-entrenched (and very-well-funded) for a reason, mainly that they have no intention of giving up their monopoly on power or going quietly for that matter without a fight, with some even prefering to sell-out Israel / Jewish people to foriegn powers if they have not already done so.

What then?


I cited Cyrus to highlight the fact that there is no foreign ruler today who even compares to Cyrus and am sick of people expecting this foriegn leader or that foriegn leader to save us from our current crop of leaders.

Alan said...

>> The Babylonians had either killed or taken into captivity all of the descendents of the House of David

Well then, the Babylonians were smarter than current Israeli leadership.

This strategy will need to be copied with the Hashemi family. The long term solution is to turn the Palace in Amman into the new Palestinian Mukatah. Because the chances of Palestinians deciding that they're not their own nationality is less than zero. Yes, correct - it's an "invented" nationality. So what. It got invented and scrambled eggs don't get unscrambled.

Kinda sad, because the Hashemi beduins (a few generations removed from their Saudi roots) mostly have been recently playing nicely. Hopefully a soft landing can be arranged for the family in the large Arab expat community in metro Detroit.

But they have to go. By cluster-bomb, if needed.

Israel has just as much right to a "Monroe Doctrine" as the 64-year old USA did.

> appear to be well-entrenched treacherous sell-outs to foreign powers

Well, that's also not new in Judea. The record is absolutely clear that both David and Shlomo, made kissy with Hiram of Tyre. We don't know how they dealt with regional super-powers hundreds of kilometers further away. We just don't know.

The problem with y'all religious is that you think that the Bible was written as an archive of the political history of Hebrew sovereignty. It was not. It was written by people who, after the fact, wanted to write a romance novel about dat-Moshe being the center of the story. It's always been a sideline.

When Netanyahu manipulates the frumkeit parties to get his own way.... he's just copying Kings David and Shlomo. Youse got a problem with that? Then you're several thousand years too late.