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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Latma and Caroline Glick Remember Yitzchak Shamir Differently... From Me

We all see things from a different perspective.  I was once a backseat passenger in a rabbi's car when another car banged into us, into the back of the car.  I immediately asked the rabbi if I should bench gomel, say the prayer to thank G-d for getting us out of danger.  He said:
"No.  You weren't in danger."
"Yes, I was in the drivers seat and I felt that we were safe."
It all depends on where you're sitting.  And for me, everything about Yitzchak Shamir, as Prime Minister is focused on the fact that he and the rest of of the Israeli delegation stayed in Madrid after Arab terrorists murdered my friend, Rachella Druk.

Among even the Rightest of the Right in Israeli political opinion, I'm in a minority.  Where I was sitting, in a bus a few hundred or less meters ahead of Rachella's bus and then at her funeral, and even today when I see her children and grandchildren, the disappointment in Shamir's inaction hasn't lessened.

Latma has produced a very touching tribute to Shamir.

And Caroline Glick wrote an excellent article.   For me, unfortunately, my grief has blinded me to the good Yitzchak Shamir did.  I recognize that I just can't be objective in any way, so read Glick's article and watch the Latma film.


Anonymous said...

For an excellent commentary on Shamir and his faults, see Avi Segal's weekly column (in Hebrew), in this past week's B'Sheva newspaper.

Batya said...

ok, so I'm not alone, shy?