Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yes, There Are New Homes in Shiloh

Frequent readers here have certainly seen the pictures I've posted of homes being built here in Shiloh.   Shiloh is a very popular, though not enormously, place to live for Jews of all ages.  It's very convenient and pleasant.  We're located a half hour by car from both Jerusalem and Petach Tikvah.  We're just over ten minutes to the Ariel College University.  We have medical clinics, schools and public transportation.  And yes there are homes for sale, not too many, but it's possible to buy and move in within a couple of months.

This development is of terrace apartments overlooking Emek Shiloh Valley.

From what I understand the final internal floor plan is decided by the purchaser.  Yes, that means that you can individually design your home, customize the plans, making more or fewer, larger or smaller bedrooms etc within the basic outer structure.  These buildings are near a bus stop and a very short walk to the neighborhood synagogue which has both  Ashkenaz and Temani (Yemenite) minyanim.  It's also very close to the pool, playground and more. 

For more information email nadlan@group.co.il

There's a similar development just down the road in the same (my) neighborhood, but their stage one is already sold out.

And there are families building their own homes in Shiloh. 

Shiloh is a religious community with Jews of all ages and from all over the world.

We've been living in Shiloh for over thirty years.  I'd say that moving here was one of the best, if not the best, decision we ever made after moving to Israel, of course.  We made aliyah two months after getting married.  It was never a subject for debate. 

Living in Israel was something we both wanted to do.  And considering that we got married in 1970, the idea of living in Land that had been liberated during the 1967 Six Days War was also important to both of us.  There weren't too many options that weren't based on agriculture in 1970. 

Post-Six Days War, the Israeli Government looked at the liberated Land in two ways.  One was as a bargaining chip to make a peace deal with the Arabs and the second was to make money from agriculture.  The last thing the Prime Minister of the time Levi Eshkol had in mind was massive Jewish housing in our Biblical Homeland, meaning places like Shiloh, Hebron, Shechem or Beit El.  To continue in that direction I'll have to blog more another time...


Heather said...

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Hadassa said...

The building freeze was never absolute, although even when there is no building freeze not enough housing is built... anyway, if your goal and dream is to live in Yehuda or the Shomron, there are options. And Shiloh is a great location to try it!

Batya said...

Hadassa, that's true, yes, all.