Wednesday, July 25, 2012

News From Galus: Right or Left, No Inbetween

I left for the states about a week ago,  and since then I've been seeing family.  I've been in Philly, aka Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Phoenix, Arizona.  I've seen mostly family, and my family is very heterogeneous.  We have Jews of all stripes and non-Jews, too.  We have pro-Obama and anti-Obama.  Both sides are equally vehement that they are correct.

As a political commentator aka blogger, I've always said that I blog in order to get my points across about Israel and other political issues.  I want to convince people that my point of view is the correct one.  Have you noticed that I'm using the word "correct" and not "right?"  I want to be very clear. 

It seems  to me that most people are totally incapable of listing, absorbing opinions that don't jive with theirs.  I guess it's human nature, because I, too, am a tough nut to crack.  My husband is right correct when he says that I don't listen to others once my mind is made up.  I'm pretty rotten as a follower; it's just not my nature to send my brain on sabbatical and adopt new ideas, trust others to do my thinking for me.

To convince someone of something, you have to get to them before anyone else gets them, because few people are willing to admit that they had been mistaken.

Four years ago, before the previous American Presidential Elections, there was a great excitement.  Many people really believed that Barack Hussein Obama could change the world, make it, especially America better than it had ever been.  I'm not exaggerating.  Obama won by a landslide.  But during the past three years, since he has been at the helm of the U.S. A.  things haven't improved by much.  According to the polls, some people have noticed, and others haven't.  And some people think that he needs another term in office to successfully activate his plans to change America for the better.

The people I've heard speak politics all have different opinions. None are interesting in changing them.  I don't say anything to anyone who probably doesn't agree with me.  It's the safe thing to do.

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