Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Antisemitism, Hillary Re:Pollard and Germany Re:Circumcision

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has let the cat out of the bag, unless she's carrying the wrong one, by stating that Jonathan Pollard should expect to stay in US jail. 
“Jonathan Pollard was convicted of espionage, sentenced to life imprisonment and is serving the sentence. I do not have any expectation that this will change.”
Trust Hillary to give the official line without neither apologies nor sugar-coating.  She's not Bill, and that brutal honest is one of the reasons she easily lost the nomination for United States President to Barack Obama four years ago.  With Hillary, you don't go on fantasy cruises into nowhere.  No doubt it was Bill Clinton who told the imaginative fairytales to their daughter Chelsea.  Successful politicians can make you believe almost anything.  Just look at Ehud Olmert!

The bottom line here is that nothing has officially changed in terms of Pollard's status as far as the Americans are concerned.  I still think that if Obama is really desperate he may free him very close to the elections on condition that Israel keep him incommunicado, for debriefing, until polls are closed.  The Israeli secret service is probably more afraid of Pollard than the Americans are.  No doubt that he was screwed, and although I do not use that sort of language, I can't think of a more accurate way of describing what happened to Pollard.

And about what's going on in Germany...
Deja vu the 1930's for sure.  How else can you describe the silence by international human rights, civil rights and religious rights groups since ritual circumcision of children/minors has been banned?  It really shouldn't surprise us because many European countries forbid shechita, Jewish ritual slaughter of meat and poultry, davka in the same countries that permit animal hunting.  That immoral stand against the Jewish religion is always received by silence.

One interesting/positive result of the German law is that the Jewish and Muslim populations must work together.  But strangely, you don't see/hear the expected strong protests from international Muslim organizations that aren't shy to condemn the least serious "affronts" to Muslims and Arabs.


Esser Agaroth said...

No surprises here, but we have to keep our work to wake Jews up to the reality.

Why can't they see it?

Re: Peres doesn't want him released.

Too many secrets. I believe his life wold be in danger if he ever got out.

HaShem yishmor!

You were much kinder than I was to Hillary. I'm always looking for women to go after women. Maybe then people will listen.

Of course, you are tznius about it,...unlike me. ;-)

Batya said...

Just like in the 1930's, Jews on the whole preferred lying to themselves. Nothing has changed at all.
Make sure you see my next Voices article about Peres and Pollard.
In a sense I pity Hillary; she's pathetic in too many ways.