Friday, July 20, 2012

Terrorism isn't Rational

When you're dealing with terrorists and terrorism and situations when people are willing to kill themselves and others without provocation, don't look for rationales or "cures."  It's not so simple.  Self-defense, when under attack and immediate threat, is one thing, but when people blow up, destroy, murder, mutilate others for "political reasons" there's something inherently fokokt  in their psyche.

No matter what Israel and Jews do, there will be people out to destroy and murder us.  It's something very hard for many to accept.  Their isn't any simple solution.  Remember the Nazi Holocaust, the systematic persecution and murder of six million Jews had nothing to do with the Jewish State.  And almost every country in the world including the United States and Great Britain wouldn't even give refuge to the lucky ones  who had a chance of escaping. That's fact, not fiction.

Most of you probably know that I frequently base my posts here on what Ruthie Blum has written in Israel Hayom, and today is no exception.  Her title, Don't ask why Hezbollah attacked, says it all.

Family and friends mourn over the coffin of one of the victims of the suicide bombing in Bulgaria, as the bodies arrived at the Ben-Gurion Airport early Friday morning. (photo credit: Tali Mayer/Flash90)
Family and friends mourn over the coffin of one of the victims of the suicide bombing in Bulgaria, as the bodies arrived at the Ben-Gurion Airport early Friday morning. (photo credit: Tali Mayer/Flash90)

Popular psychology claims that there is not such thing as a "bad child," just bad actions from a good child, and modern politicians keep insisting that the terrorists are just good people who have reasons to be so angry that they just react in bad ways.  That's utter garbage.  Some people are just evil.  Who else would murder like terrorists?

Any rational inherently good person would look at this picture and want to cry.  The pain and grief of the people is so strong.

We live in a dangerous world and are ruled by politicians and philosophers who live in lala land.  I'd still like to know who are the real backers and controller of United States President Barack Hussein Obama.  He came out of no where, like in those old Hollywood movies in which the unknown suddenly becomes a star.  There are too many problems not only with his background but his ideologies and priorities.

Sorry that I can't write something cheerful today.


NormanF said...

No one can - every one in Israel is in pain.

What is clear is the Middle East is imploding and Israel is caught in the middle of a very dangerous storm.

Israeli Jews need to wake up from the fantasy they live in a safe world.

The murders in Burgas drove home to every Jew in Israel that Jew-hatred - particularly from Iran - is deep, permanent and virulent. It already took five lives.

We're told its too dangerous to stop Iran. We can now see very clearly what the costs of what not stopping it will do to the Jewish people and their state.

Now its time to look ahead without illusions and prepare for the future.

Batya said...

What does it mean that "its too dangerous to stop Iran?" Norman, that reminds me of what a friend told me about her mother. It was discovered that her mother had cancer and the best way to stop it would be major surgery on her face, which would make her look ugly. They had pity on the young mother and did a lesser surgery. Her mother soon died.

Sometimes you must do aggressive surgery even if the scars will be horrendous. It's better than death.

goyisherebbe said...

I'm sorry, but I disagree that it doesn't matter what Israel does. It matters, it is just that the government, since it is really foreign-owned, won't do what is really in Israel's interest. How do you treat terrorists? You kill them and kill them. You kill them every day. You kill them everywhere. You pass a law that all captured property of terrorists goes into a trust fund for terror victims, and all land belonging to terrorists is allocated for settlement by their families or representatives. Annex all of the so-called territories, including Gaza after eliminating all terrorists, meaning everyone affiliated with Hamas. Ignore all UN resolutions and send all UN representatives in Israel home. Start phasing out US aid and produce our own weapons with no strings attached. Eliminate the entry of foreign funds through international agencies and Israeli intermediaries such as the NIF. Check foreign investments for connections to such bodies. And change the legal system to a Jewish one. That will make a difference! It just isn't ready to happen yet.

Batya said...

goyish, I agree about cutting out the aid. It just destroys our industries. We agree on a lot of the issues.
nu, you can blog here, too