Monday, July 2, 2012

Do Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, Kochav Yair and More Israeli Cities Really Want a Nearby Terror State?

Most Israelis and international diplomats and security "experts" keep ignoring the fact that Israel, even with post-Six Day War borders is a very tiny country.  The entire country is smaller than what's considered a healthy, safe buffer zone. 

One of the points Caroline Glick made at the recent Peres Presidents Conference was that the Arabs in a "Palestinian state" wouldn't be any more peaceful than they are today.  They would certainly be worse.  All of those Israelis who keep claiming we must give them a state a few minutes' drive from our major and elite cities for security reasons are far removed from reality.  Sorry, but this recording is in Hebrew.  If anyone wants to translate, please do so.

As Caroline said, another Arab state won't improve Israel's demographic situation at all.  It would actually be the greatest danger to the State of Israel.

Hat tip: IMRA
The violent rioting throughout the Arab world has reached Judea/Samaria.  In Ramalla, which is administered by the PA the violence was met with violence.

Palestinian security forces scuffle with demonstrators in the West
Bank city of Ramallah July 1, 2012, during a protest against a meeting
between President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Vice PremierShaul
Mofaz that had been put off. Abbas has postponed the controversial
meeting with Mofaz that had been scheduled for Sunday, Palestinian
officials said on Saturday. (Reuters/Mohamad Torokman)
The big question is how long and how hard Abbas is willing to try to control his opposition.

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) -- Palestinian protesters said security forces used brutal force Sunday during the second demonstration in as many days protesting Palestinian Authority policy.

Police attacked protesters with batons, beating and injuring at least seven people. Another seven protesters were taken to a police station along with at least two journalists, a Ma'an correspondent said.

Protesters shouted against police brutality, and the police responded by beating them. Journalists were also attacked for the second day in a row, the correspondent reported.
Police used batons against the protesters. (Reuters)

The Israeli Government, movers and shakers, and media keep refusing to accept reality.  This problem isn't just in the question of the "two state" ideology/cult.  Unfortunately, most Israelis, even those who call themselves "Center" insist that we have no choice other than to accept the "reality" of a Palestinian State sic. 

There's an interesting bit in Ruthie Blum's recent article about the Israeli draft in which she writes mainly about the fact that the chareidim (ultra-religious) don't have to serve in the army according to Israeli law.  She writes about the days when she was a young mother and would get together with her pals " a local hangout to drink espresso, smoke cigarettes and shoot the breeze (a.k.a. whine) about our kids, husbands, finances, and — sigh — politics."  They were a heterogeneous group from Ruthie on the Right to a friend on the extreme Left:
“Oh yeah?” responded the chief left-winger of the group. “Well, I don’t think anyone should wear an IDF uniform.” (Indeed, when her sons became of age, each dodged the draft legally.)

This was not the first time I encountered the “strange bedfellows” alliance among radicals on either end of the spectrum; nor would it be the last. It was nevertheless a choice smile-inducing moment.
I consider it very important that at the same time that the laws change to make chareidim serve in the army, the loopholes which the Left has been using to avoid service must be closed.

Today's IDF has a disproportionally high percentage of soldiers who grew up as dati leumi, national religious and in yishuvim, Jewish communities in YESHA, especially in the most elite and dangerous units.  Unfortunately, although we serve in greater numbers than the Left, we have a disproportionately small influence on Israeli policies.

Just something else to think about...


NormanF said...

Abu Bluff like other Arab dictators, does not tolerate opposition even if its anti-Israel. The problem with the so-called two-state solution is this would put an Arab dictator mere minutes in striking distance of Israel's population centers and industry.

Jews can survive as minority in their own country. What they cannot survive is an Arab state armed to the teeth. Demography is not the greatest threat to the Jews - its the well-meaning insistence of clueless Israelis and foreigners that Israel should stick its head in the noose for its own good in the future.

What will kill a Palestinian Arab state is not the willingness of Israelis to allow it under certain conditions but the Arabs' refusal to make peace on any acceptable terms with Israel. As much Israel is cursed with the imbeciles now running it - they have no power - G-d has all the power and that is not to going to ever change.

His Land is not for the Jews' to give away and the sooner they internalize this fact, then they will gain the peace and rest that up to now has seemingly eluded them. A solution will not be found by making Israel smaller but by building an Israel that is the exact opposite. True - it flies in the face of today's conventional wisdom. Then again, Jewish history is an extended lesson in rejecting the conventional wisdom.

Will there be an Arab state alongside Israel? If the Jews are true to themselves that's one more "conventional wisdom" headed for the historical scrap heap. Nothing the Netanyahus and Mofazes of our time do will subvert the permanence of the Land Of Israel and the Jewish people blessed to dwell upon it. What people believe in nowadays has no more relevance than what people believed in thousands of years ago.

The only thing in the end that lasts is G-d and our faith in Him!

Batya said...

thanks Norman