Thursday, July 19, 2012

Missing "Storms"

It's all in the timing, isn't it?

The day before I flew to the states for a family visit, someone in Israel looked up the weather predictions for my United States landing.  He gleefully reported stormy weather.  I wasn't interested.  I don't trust, worship the weathermen.  And I'm not going to freak out over something I can't control.  Life it too complicated and stressful to add to the list of problems.  I don't take along coats, jackets and raingear for summer visits, but I do end up buying umbrellas.

I left Israel during a heatwave, and got to Philly while they were experiencing the same.  Most people I spotted were armed with umbrellas, but my day in Philadelphia ended up hot, sunny and muggy.  As I went to the train to New York City, I could feel possible storm in the air, but it didn't reach the 30th Street Amtrak Station.

The NewYork I greeted was dry, too.  It's said that there had been a storm, but maybe I frightened it away.

While I was in a kosher restaurant in Philly, they had a tv going showing news of a terror attack.  I couldn't quite figure out where and what.  One thing I could follow was that the ambulances had a language I didn't recognize, so I wasn't concerned.  My mistake.  Although the location wasn't Israel, Israelis, Jewish Israelis were the targets and many were killed and injured.

We must remember that as individuals we really don't have control over terrorism.  Many of the same Israelis who quake in fear and horror over visiting places in Israel like my home in Shiloh, don't think twice about traveling abroad to places like Bulgaria where that terror attack took place.

It's a serious and sometimes a fatal mistake to think that you have such control over your life that you can protect yourself from terrorism and death.  Those who trust the "experts," whether security or the weathermen are mistaken. 

And while I'm at it ranting about the faux experts, I'll say the same about those who keep telling us what we Israelis need to do for peace.  They don't know what they're talking about either.  Life's not that "simple."

Please don't forget that there's an element in all that happens that man has no control over and can't predict.  I'm talking about G-d.  G-d's really in control, not us and not the scientists.


Lady-Light said...

I'm horrified and enraged over the attack on Israelis (Jews) in Bulgaria. Not to mention it in the same breath, I'm glad you arrived safely in the States. When you get a chance, call me when you're close to Colorado, i.e., Arizona!

Batya said...

LL, there's the general and the personal. We're all connected but still individuals. An attack against Jews is against us all.
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