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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Peace for Harel, G-d Willing

Honestly, I just don't understand why our IDF soldiers can't just shoot to kill any Arab who is attacking innocent Jews!

Yes, that's my introduction!

There was once a boy in Shiloh called Harel Bin-Nun.  Harel is the Hebrew for Mountain of G-d, and he was born around the time his parents moved to Shiloh.  His father Rabbi Elchanan was given the job as the community rabbi.  Harel, like his older brothers and sisters was an ordinary kid.  That is until the 1991 Madrid Conference.

I've written before about the terror attack, when Arab terrorists shot up a bus of my neighbors on their way to demonstrate in Tel Aviv, to encourage then Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir to be strong against international pressure.  I usually write about the tragic fact that my close friend Rachella Druk was shot and murdered.  Less often do I mention Harel.  He was shot in the chest and given lifesaving first aid by his father and then the army medics and then flown to the hospital for surgery.  He wasn't even Bar Mitzvah, 13, at the time.

Thank G-d, Harel survived.  By the end of his adolescence he was living on a mountain, in Yitzhar, a community north of Shiloh, in the Shomron, Samaria, building for Jews.  One night, while on patrol guarding with a neighbor, Arab terrorists attacked and brutally murdered them.

A short while later, his older brothers established a new community, just northwest of Shiloh in his memory.  The area was unoccupied and deserted and also the location of Biblical altars and had been his Bar Mitzvah project, something he and his father had researched very thoroughly.  Today about forty families live in Givat Harel, a quiet pastoral community.  Many of the residents are busy with agriculture and building, very much in the character of Harel, HaYa"D.

But Arabs are still attacking Harel.

I find this film very disturbing, because the soldiers are just separating the Arab attackers from the Jews, nothing more.  That won't stop future attacks.


Alan said...

>because the soldiers are just separating the Arab attackers from the Jews

are the attackers bad because they are Arabic-speakers, or because they are attackers? Are the attackers bad becuase they are attacking Jews, or because they are attacking people?

Can we say for sure, how many times Batya Medad's life was saved because of the deed of an Arabic-speaker.... perhaps an IDF soldier?

Because Batya surely knows that, per capita, any randomly-selected Arabic-speaker citizen of Israel is statistically more likely to be an IDF/Magav veteran, than any randomly-selected American Jew is.

I am in favor of uncontested Hebrew-regime control of the land between the River and the Sea. I also am in favor of not picking un-necessary fights, or of throwing around mis-targeted insults. Neither of those two activities, promotes the security of ANY country.

Batya doesn't actually believe in Zion. She doesn't really believe that Zionism has an intrinsic power to command loyal allegience of folks who are not dat-Moshe. Just as it did in days of old when Jebusites served loyally in King David's army. And she has this mis-belief, in the face of hard evidence.

We can only estimate that Batya is SCARED that dat-Moshe doesn't possess enough intrinsic gravitas, to keep its young people from drifting "off the derech". Thus, she wants to exclude outside influences; even benign ones like residents and citizens who are totally loyal to the State.... but happen to be non-dat-Moshe. Or as a wonderful Hebrew TV comedy show describes it: "Not in front of the children!".

We know that Batya is rather intelligent. But we also know that scared people make panicky mistakes.

Batya said...

Alan, speak for yourself. Do not dare to speak in my name or explain my thoughts. You haven't a clue.