Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No Allies For Israel, Wise Up, It's The Unpleasant Truth

Apropos to yesterday's post asking who/what is the real danger to world peace, here's more.  There are a few professional sites, like UN Watch which has the staff and abilities to research and write reports full of facts about how Israel is illogically blamed for all sorts of violations.

I can do no better than quote from them and link to them:
GENEVA, July 2 – Despite continued killings of civilians in Syria, today the U.N.’s top human rights body devoted its entire proceedings to its ritual Hate Israel Day. A day against Israel is a permanent feature of every council meeting, under its only country-specific agenda item, entitled “the Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.”
The meeting opened with Richard Falk, the pro-Hamas 9/11 conspiracist who serves as the human rights council’s “Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967.” His report was followed by detailed status updates on the 2009 Goldstone Report, the 2010 Flotilla Report, and the developing council inquiry and report into settlements.
Twenty states and six non-governmental organizations took the floor this morning. UN Watch was the only one to challenge Mr. Falk. The full UN summary is here.
I guess you can say that it's both the advantage and disadvantage of being just a blogger that I don't have the ability to do this sort of work on my own.  Yes, the best I can do is to assemble the sources I find on the web and lace it with my own opinions and vantage from here in Shiloh.

Breitbart News has taken this United Nations report and used it as a reminder that for all practical purposes United States President Barack Hussein Obama supported the United Nations anti-Israel tirade.
Anne Bayefsky of National Review notes that the Obama administration has effectively backed an extraordinary session at the UN Security Council today, in which the United Nation's High Commissioner for Human Rights, the notoriously anti-Israel Navi Pillay, will brief the Council on the subject of Israel--and Israel alone. The U.S. failed to veto the session, which was scheduled in order to give the Council cover to deal with the atrocities being committed by Syria at this very moment--a crisis that has nothing to do with Israel whatsoever.
The United States hasn't changed much since the days the Nazis when its isolationism and inherent antisemitism equaled silence.  By not protesting the Roosevelt Government, illogically worshipped by American Jews to this day, actually supported the Nazi policies.  Yes, silence is acquiescence, agreement, approval.

The State of Israel and World Jewry must finally recognize that we have no allies.  There is no country nor foreign leader we can rely on.  We must look for leadership in ourselves, G-d and Judaism!


Anonymous said...

G-d is your ally. who else does one need. as for pillay, she has always been very antisemitic. being an indian, she overlooks the atrocities of the caste system, killing baby girls etc in india. time is running out for us gentile nations, not for you all. dont worry. from a noahide

Batya said...

Yes, a, I've written that many times. Our security comes from G-d and not humans.