Thursday, July 26, 2012

Be Pragmatic and Erase the "Green Line"

Israel is a small country with a population like a large metropolitan city, so for us when you're mentioning a number like, 350,143 it's major.  And the population statistics now say that 350,143 Jewish Israelis live "beyond the green line."

Of course, it's an approximate number, and the number is far from static.  The birthrate is high, and people are always moving in and buying and renting homes.  Yes, of course, some people do move out for various reasons.  It's not some high security prison for life-servers.

Israel is a small country and some of the locations, like my Shiloh, are very convenient and central.  Many people choose to live in Shiloh for that reason along with the reasonable housing costs, excellent education, great community spirit, clean air and more.  By car we're just a half hour from Petach Tikvah and the same from Jerusalem.  We have public transportation in both directions, too.

The Left loves to repeat that Israel is a democracy and there should be freedom of choice, so
why are they so upset by the steady annual increase in the Jewish population in Judea and Samaria?  Are they anti-democratic?  Hmmm... It seems that they are.  Hypocrisy reigns in the Israeli Left.  I have no doubt.

Truly democratic, personal freedom loving people would respect our wishes, opinions and choice of address.

I also consider it immoral for foreign leaders to interfere in Israeli democracy.  They have no right to give their opinion about mine.  I live in Israel.  I pay taxes.  My family serves in the army.  We aren't inanimate pawns to be ordered around by self-professed morality experts and pseudo-human rights experts.

In all of world history, there is no story like the story of the Jewish People and its relationship to the Land of Israel and the Jewish Religion.

Our return to the Land can't be stopped or restricted.  Great Britain tried very hard in the last century, defying the mandate given to it to facilitate the establishment of a Jewish State in what they called "Palestine."  Even after Nazi Germany murdered most of European Jewry, the survivors and Jews from Arab countries and Northern Africa managed to establish and defend the State of Israel.

It may sound simplistic, but G-d is on our side.  It takes more than conventional weapons and soldiers to win a war, just like it takes more than a man's sperm and a woman's egg to make a baby.  The magic ingredient is G-d.

So, be pragmatic and stop referring to the "green line."  At most it existed for about eighteen years, and that was over forty years ago.


goyisherebbe said...

Everywhere where Jewish Israelis and Arabs co-exist under Jewish Israeli control, the results are wonderful. Look at the Jewish and Arab medical personnel in Israeli hospitals, for example. When there was complete Israeli control over Yesha before the misbegotten peace treaty with Egypt and Oslo agreement, Jews and Arabs did business freely and everybody was happy except for very isolated incidents. When the Israel left with the help of the international community made it seem that this state of affairs was terrible and couldn't continue, look what happened, more and more and more. A Jew can't walk into Ramallah without mortal danger, but an Arab can walk through West Jerusalem and go shopping and drink coffee. I am for as much Jewish conquest as possible. The result of that is called peace. See also Danny Dayan's op-ed in the New York Times.

Eliyahu S. said...

"Hypocrisy reigns in the Israeli Left."

It's not just the Israeli "Left." This is a worldwide phenomena. One possible explanation for it was revealed in the 1980's by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov. I'll let the intellectually open-minded track that down on their own, because if I just expressed my conclusions many could claim I'm some kind of conspiracy nut, which is very much not the case.

Batya said...

goyish, and Sha'ar Binyamin

Eliyahu, yes

Esser Agaroth said...

Um,...what about the misswah to throw the Arabs (and others) out?

One of the greatest mistakes of the mamlakhtim (undying state loyalists) is that they don't get that settling the land is a 2-part misswah.

We cannot fully inherit, without DISinhereting those who are not supposed to be here. See Num. 50:33-36.

Batya said...

10, exactly. That's why I call it being pragmatic, practical

NormanF said...

The so-called "Green Line" beloved of the Israeli Left was nothing more than an armistice line drawn up by Israeli and Jordanian military officers and was never a border.

It makes no sense from a political, economic, military, geographic or spiritual point of view. It leaves hundreds of thousands of Israelis "outside Israel" - a fallacy that needs to be erased from the Jewish mind.

I have to laugh when Hagit Ofran and Yarive Oppenheimer complain Israel is spending too much on Judea and Samaria. Not as much as it should be considering its national and strategic importance to Israel.

The problem is never the Arabs. The problem is with Jews who don't appreciate the Land Of Israel. But the Jews will remain and I don't ever see peace happening with the Arabs.

Batya said...

Norman, well said. and it has no historical importance, too.