Friday, September 18, 2015

ZERO TOLERANCE: Terror, BDS and More

The Jewish People have begun a new year, 5776, and it's time for a new policy, "Zero Tolerance!"

We must react strongly and firmly against all attacks, whether terror or BDS or faux human rights
sic boycotts etc.

Benny Shoham, father of Yehuda, HaY"d, who was murdered
by Arabs who threw a large rock at their car, holds him
during the funeral.
If we don't start acting firmly against all of our enemies, whether they are well-dressed with high-class polished accents or armed with rocks, firebombs or guns, things will continue as is getting much worse, meaning dangerous, for the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

All terrorists, whether they succeeded in murdering a Jew or not must be immediately executed. They are not regular criminals; the self-confessed terrorists. That means, that they do not need a trial, because there is no justification and no chance of mistake if found with the weapons in the act of murder or attempted murder.

Boycotts, whether just against Judean/Samarian products or all Israeli products, like the new call to boycott from Iceland must be taken as seriously as a terror attack.
European Jewish Groups Rail Against Reykjavic Decision to Boycott Israeli GoodsEuropean Jewish groups railed against the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik’s decision this week to adopt a boycott of Israeli goods, with many calling the move purely discriminatory. (Algemeiner)
The Israeli Ambassador must be recalled and all diplomatic and commercial contact stopped. It's not Jewish to "turn the other cheek," and even the Christians don't follow such a precept.

Arab terrorists of all ages must be punished, and if they are minors their parents should also pay the price. Adding special guns to the police arsenal will not stop terrorism.

And performers who break contracts to placate the BDS antisemites must be fined so much that they will suffer financially for years.

The Temple Mount must be cleared of Arab terrorists and their weapons. And as collective punishment, no Arabs should be allowed in for a long period of time. In the interim, a place for Jewish Prayer must be built.

Shabbat Shalom and Gmar Chatimah Tovah


Anonymous said...

You're wrong. Tolerance is a Jewish virtue. Where do you think the word "shiloh" comes from? It means "tolerance". The Torah predicts that someday tolerance will be established.

Batya said...

No it's not, and that is not the definition of Shiloh at all. And "tolerance" is not a Jewish ideal.