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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Gazan Arab Terrorists Resume Attacking Israel

Residents of Israel's south, again, found themselves running for shelter this Shabbat (weekend.) Apparently the the Gazan Arab terrorists have sufficiently rearmed, and they are back in action launching potentially deadly rockets and missiles at Israel. The Iron Dome has also been in use to protect Israeli population centers in the south. This had been expected and is certainly no surprise. By now everyone knows what "ceasefire" means in Arabic, "reload:"

It's no joke.
Southern Israelis Race for ‘Saturday Night Shelter’ in Sha’ar Ha Negev

At least 20 minutes earlier, however, it had become clear to local sources that fortunately there had been a “misfire” in Gaza and the projectile had apparently landed within the enclave. (Jewish Press)

Sirens sound in south of Israel

An Iron Dome anti-rocket battery shot down a Gazan rocket over the city of Ashkelon. Warning sirens rang out across the city, sending residents fleeing for cover, before Iron Dome went into action. There were no injuries or damages A few hours earlier, a Palestinian rocket slammed into a residential area of Sderot, exploding and damaging a home and a nearby bus, but failing to cause injuries. That rocket too triggered sirens in Sderot and surrounding localities. (Jerusalem Post)
We must stop playing this game pretending that we are dealing with normal, rational and moral people. It's totally preposterous to attempt to negotiate with terrorists, especially when the terrorists have been very clear about wanting to destroy us!

And as usual, the international news agencies only report Israel's giving the impression that Israel's the aggressor.
Israeli aircraft strike Gaza after rocket fire
Israel carried out air strikes in the Gaza Strip on Saturday after Palestinian militants there fired rockets into southern Israel. (Reuters)
Even though this is a more accurate headline and opening than one generally gets, the sequence is inaccurate. Considering how poorly most people read, it's clear that the headline and article were written and/or edited to make Israel look bad. Yes, nothing's new. The only question is whether or not the Gazan Arab terrorists will escalate their attacks or was this just a bit of target practice to make sure their new weapons work.

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