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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

American Presidential Wannabes, Israel Next Stop?

Obama in Sderot, AP
Barack Hussein Obama did it, so I do expect most of the United States Presidential hopefuls to be flying to Israel soon for symbolic photo-ops and memorable soundbites to galvanize their Jewish and pro-Israel supporters.

The Israel visit has been a rite of passage in the campaign for quite a few years or even decades. The usual formula/itinerary includes a pledge to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital City and move the American Embassy to there. But we all know that it's a lie, a joke, just something they say to get applause and votes.

The persistent repeat presidential wannabe, Mike Huckabee has already been here. Actually, he one-upped the usual pro-Israel line by having headline grabbing fundraiser in Shiloh.
“I would happily go to Shiloh anytime,” he said. “I think it is very important that as Americans we show support for Israelis in their capacity to build their neighborhoods in their own country.”
Huckabee, who stressed he did not view Judea and Samaria as occupied territory, said Israel – with a 3,500-year historic tie to Shiloh – has a much stronger link there than Americans have to Manhattan, a connection dating back only four centuries. (Jerusalem Post)

Actually, Huckabee, unlike most other presidential hopefuls actually has a consistent record of being pro-Israel and Israeli rights in the Land of Israel.

From my observations, here in Shiloh, Jews and Israel will have a smaller role in and value in the 2016 presidential election campaign than for decades. As I've written before, there's an internal revolution going on in the United States. And if the American public was more knowledgeable they'd be campaigning for the immediate abolishment of the Electoral College so that the USA President would be elected by popular vote and not the convoluted way he/she is now, which can create a situation in which the winner received fewer actual votes of the citizens than the loser.

But we shouldn't forget about tradition, so no doubt campaign managers are reserving suites and rooms in Israel's fanciest hotels for the presidential hopefuls and their staffs. I wonder if any other wannabe will put Shiloh on his/her itinerary.


Anonymous said...

Cruz, Beck (Fallen Mormon), and Trump? Talk about Mediocrity.

He's separating Simeon from Juda for a reason; my hunch is that either Shimonim or Y'hudim are not entirely being Honest. ergo be Sober and Honest or Risk further Disciplinary Action

Anonymous said...

Sad Simeonites
Miserable Mexicans
Catholic Pharisees

Batya Medad said...

What in the world are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

The above Anon seems to speak in code or something - very strange.
Truth is about the pres candidates - it really doesn't matter to Israel, we can and must only rely on H'. Otherwise, firstly. it is sinful, as H' hates when we rely on anyone or any nation. We must only look to Him and then everything, believe me, everything will turn around to be a blessing for all of Bnai Yisrael.
Another point, at the end of the day, if you think that even the best guy really has any power once he gets in, you're mistaken. So, even with the best of intentions, it really doesn't matter. bracha

dramah said...

Edith vs Tamar [link provided: warning, foul language]